Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?
Japanese Title きもだめしでみんなが消えた!?

Kimodameshi de Minna ga Keitai!?

Season Sharp
Episode № 29 (80)
Air Date August 27, 2000
Screenplay Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
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Previous Episode Health Examination Full of Hidden Dangers

Opening Clip

Candles are lit in a dark room as Nobuaki appears in the center of them. He begins to casually talk while he and Tamaki are shown exploring the darkness that surrounds them. Suddenly, he surprises the audience and Tamaki is shown screaming in terror, apparently been frightened by something. 


It's once again time for everyone to head over to the Yamauchi Shrine and visit Nobuaki for the annual courage test!


One hot summer day, the ojamajo are really tired and don't wish to be working in such warm heat. Doremi suddenly recalls that later on they'll get to go to the Yamauchi temple for the annual test of courage, which makes everyone feel much better. Except for Hazuki that is...

Come time to arrive, the three of them, along with Onpu and the others from last year have shown up. While they're all excited that Onpu come, nobody really wanted to see Tamaki again. But she explains that she came to clear up any of the mysterious legends that would stump children not as smart as herself and before anyone can argue against this, it's time to head inside and they all take turns telling scary stories. But for every time someone is about to scare them, Tamaki manages to explain what it truly was by claiming it's only plasma. Shimakura takes her turn to tell a scary story and points out that it's a real story, as well as the fact it happened about five years ago at a school that was supposedly haunted. It was to be turn down but because accidents kept happening, it scared everyone part of the demolition crew away. So nobody dared get close to the buildings. Then the incident happened...

A group of children from that town went onto the property, unaware that it was cursed. Everything seemed to be fine until they realized one of the girls had gone missing, screaming as she was dragged into a mirror she stood by. However, they do not become worried until one of the slower members that chose to stop was also targeted when the ground beneath him evaporated and pulled him into it. At first, the remaining students assumed it to be a prank, but after another student is pulled away they realize it isn't and flee right away!

Unfortunately... only one girl makes it. The final boy was grabbed by a strange shroud of water while a pair of giant scissors brought down another girl. Only one girl was seen to escape...

Suddenly, Tamaki claims this story to be a big lie and while she points out what had gone on to prove it was a hoax, everyone begun to calm down and they decide to go outside for the test of courage now. Tamaki explains that for the story to have made sense, Shimakura would have to have heard it from someone who was at the location. And she said EVERYONE was gone. Therefore, she made it up.

Outside, Sagawa and Sugiyama take off into the woods first. Everyone is beginning to show concern, seeing how long it's taking them to come back. So Kotake and Oota go to investigate. Some time passes and a loud scream sends everyone to the location of it. But all they find is a show, which Yada points out belongs to Oota. Shimakura points out how similiar this is to her story, which freaks out everyone except for Onpu. Who begins to point out how much the same it is to her story, which she seems to find a little exciting. But Tamaki interupts to claim it's just plasma, again, unaware of how much this upsets Shimakura again. She then goes on to suggest they all just stick together in a group. Onpu believes that because of the little time they have left, they should just split up. So one by one, everyone groups up. Onpu with Shimakura and Doremi, Aiko and Nobuko, and finally Yada and Hazuki. With no other options left, Nobuaki offers to go with Tamaki in hopes of making her feel better.

Aiko and Nobuko are rather nervous, despite their claims of thinking it is just a trick until she begins to discuss her brand new story instead. Hazuki tells Yada how to be brave by repeating "Majorika" over and over, but this fails and they run off. Tamaki is too busy clinging to Nobuaki until he asks her to stop, then he walks off after he claims he didn't see any recent spirits. And finally, Onpu wants to hear more of Shimakura's exciting story. She asks who is going to disappear next and continues to point out how much this is just like her story. But everyone begins to worry after Shimakura claims she never planned this. So everyone regroups and they happen to see a puddle, along with footprints from it and a torn cloth that Doremi recognizes as being the same color of Nobuko's dress!

Shimakura is beginning to get upset and she explains that they never actually heard what happened to the last girl. Tamaki points out that she thought the girl vanished too, but Shimakura explains that she had escaped, but three days after the incident she had been found, entirely white from shock. Tamaki asks why she never bothered to tell them and Shimakura explains that she got angry that she was being accused of lying when it was a total truth, so she cut the story short. Suddenly, Yada and Hazuki have vanished too!

Nobuaki decides they should head back to the temple, so he and the four remaining girls proceed to quickly run back. Nobuaki, Tamaki, and Shimakura run inside to try to locate Nobuaki's parents but it's no use. As they do this, Doremi and Onpu try to call Hazuki and Aiko but they recieve no answers either...

After he points out his parents would never leave so suddenly, Tamaki demands they call the police when they find the line is dead. Tamaki suggests they just leave now but this only upsets everyone, so Onpu suggests that just she and Doremi can go look for everyone else, then Tamaki and Shimakura can leave first and Nobuaki can look for his family and get them to safety. Once outside, Onpu and Doremi transform in order to locate the others. Doremi then uses her magic to bring out a karaoke set, thinking it may lure everyone out by calling for them... but this only scares the other three when they think it's a monster screaming.

Shimakura and Nobuaki ditch Tamaki in the cemetary and she pleads for someone to come back. Only this does no good when she suddenly notices something moving nearby. She assumes it to be Doremi, but nothing happens until she notices a big shadow rising up from behind and her screams fade into the night...

The following day at the Maho-do, the ojamajo are going over what entirely happened. It had been Sagawa and Sugiyama's intentions to scare everyone so they had hidden some sheets and jelly. But because they couldn't find it, they had to look around the entire forest. In an ironic twist of luck, Kotake and Oota went to look for them but were knocked unconcious after they fell at the base of a cliff. Aiko had slipped on a puddle due to her interest in Nobuko's newest story, which made her bump into something and rip part of her dress. Hazuki then got frightened and wished to use the restroom, but since nobody had been paying attention to her they didn't notice that Yada offered to take her. Nobuaki's parents had been cutting up watermelon but had to go to the nearby convenience story to purchase salt and the reason the phone didn't work was because in her panic, Tamaki accidentally pulled the cord out of its socket.

As they stop explaining, Doremi points out that both Hazuki and Aiko forgot to bring their Patraine calls. And that mysterious figure that snuck up on Tamaki? That was just Doremi and Onpu, along with everyone else also. Considering the hell she went through, nobody could bring themselves to laugh at her. Onpu points out how much of a coincidence all of those incidents had been when Doremi suddenly remembers that she borrowed Onpu's handkerchief from her during the test when she fell. But Onpu can't remember doing this, which makes Doremi start panicking while Aiko and Hazuki curiously question what was going on...

Meanwhile, Tamaki is too frightened to sleep by herself and asks to share the bed with her mother. While she doesn't understand, she gladly shifts over so that Tamaki can lay with her, though she makes it clear that tomorrow night, Tamaki will have to sleep in her own bed. This makes Tamaki happy, though she's concerned that the others never should find her in such a vulnerable manner.


  • Come out, karaoke set


  • The opening could somewhat be a hint towards the ending of the episode. When everyome starts to panic and grow worried.