Erika Tamaki
Name 玉木えりか Tamaki Erika
Gender Female
Instrument Piano
Debut Her Destine Rival!! Harukaze and Tamaki
Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Nagano

Erika Tamaki is a classmate of Pop Harukaze and Reika Tamaki's younger cousin. She graduated from Primula Kindergarten.



In terms of looks, Erika resembles Reika Tamaki. She has large brown eyes and yellow hair that is very puffy on the bottom, with her thick forelocks framing her face worn with a thin black headband.

Her normal attire conists of a ruffled, pale mint blouse with a pink heart on the chest, a pink skirt, and white white socks worn with black mary-jane shoes.


Erika is a lot like her cousin and in their rare interactions, they seem to get along for most part. They both share several mannerisms, and even later develope a friendship with the person they disliked at first. Erika is short tempered and bitter when dealing with those who annoy her. She tends to see herself on a pedastool and attempts to act like an Ojou.


  • Erika and Reika have very similar names, the only difference is that the "E" and "R" have been swapped around.
    • This is most likely because they resemble each other.
  • Erika shares a few similarities with Hana-chan.
    • Both have bright, fluffy yellow hair. 
    • Both girls have brown eyes.
    • Their shirts resemble each others, being fluffy with a pink design on it.