"I may not be able to take the exam if I use the last one..."

Episode 07 - Aim for the level 9 Witch Exam!
Doremi sigh
Japanese Title めざせ9級! 魔女試験

Mezase Kyu-kyū! Majo Shiken

Dub Title Caitlyn's Day Out
Season Season 1
Episode № 7
Air Date March 21, 1999 (JP)

October 22, 2005 (US)

Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode To the Witch World!
Previous Episode A Lie is the beginning of Friendship

Opening Clip

Doremi contemplates the upcoming witch exam. She is very tense, but suddenly perks up and runs around before hopping into the air. She then proclaims that she will no longer be an Ojamajo. 


Doremi's time practicing for the upcoming 9th exam is interrupted when she is asked to follow Pop around town to make sure she gets to their grandmothers. With no choice Doremi accepts, but is she willing to risk everything to help her, or will she be forced to bail to make sure she can still take her test?




Majorika has been training the ojamajo for their first exam. So far Hazuki and Aiko have done really well, but she points out it's mainly on Doremi- because of how poorly she has been doing. She then covers the details of following exams before Doremi expresses a lack of interest in practicing, and asks of their importance. This upsets Majorika and she worries, with Aiko reassuring a nervous Hazuki that she will do fine.  

Doremi then asks for more magic spheres, causing Majorika to admit that Doremi is her only concern; as its up to her to return her to normal. Despite this Doremi still doesn't want to practice, with her decision decided after Majorika mentions how rare it is for anyone to fail the exam. With no other choice she gives the Ojamajo more spheres, warning them to at least save a couple for the exam. In hopes of encouraging the girls a little more, Lala also mentions to them that if they can pass this exam, they will receive yousei- which causes them to express excitement until Majorika resumes nagging them. Doremi reassures her that it will be easy for them, but it is then she suddenly find her new grade from school. 

At home, Doremi tries to determine where she messed up when Pop appears to question Doremi's method of thinking. Doremi is so depressed that she is about to cry, but Pop yanks her from the room, using the vacuum while giving her a lecture. Haruka then comes in and seeing how annoyed Doremi is, she brings up that Doremi used to behave that way too.

That night, Doremi puts some serious thinking into everything, but to her surprise Pop suddenly enters her room. There Pop lectures Doremi to tell her why she will always be a loser and a failure, while she will always lead a successful life. Rather than achnowledge her, Doremi is too tired and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Doremi happens to notice Haruka and Pop getting ready and listens in on them. Pop is to go on a trip by herself to visit their grandmother, but while Haruka is worried about her, Pop insists she will be fine. After she takes off, Haruka asks Doremi to trsail after her anyway, with Doremi refusing until she realizes that she can use this as practice. She leaves and transforms to fly after Pop.

At one point to make sure she'll be okay, Doremi changes into Aiko and attempts to make a discussion. But oddly enough, Pop is startled by this and after a moment, Doremi recalls she never met Aiko yet, and quickly clarifies that she is a "friend of Doremi". Hearing this, Pop thanks her for being friends with someone so troublesome, then takes off.

Two Ai-chan


It is then Doremi, still resembling Aiko happens to run into Hazuki and Aiko. Aiko scolds her for putting on such a poor performance as herself, and Doremi make an attempt to explain what happened until she realizes she has lost sight of her little sister. She quickly leaves and uses her magic upon realizing Pop has gotten lost up ahead, and with her magic she summons a neon sign with lights and directions- which goes unnoticed by Pop when she finds which way to go on her own.

Doremi decides not to use anymore Magic Spheres, then happens to find that Pop lacks the proper funds to purchase the Daifuku for their grandmother. Since it was necessary, Doremi casts her magic to make more money appear in Pop's change purse, but Pop ends up bargaining with the shop owner and complements her enough to get a discount. This upsets Doremi greatly, but she calms herself and follows after her sister, who has purchased an ice cream with the extra money she happened to find.

Back at the Maho-do, Hazuki and Aiko are practicing yet again. Both seem to do fine but they worry over Doremi.

Things seem to have calmed down and Doremi feels better about the ordeal, until she happens to realize that Pop needs to use the restroom. Both of them panic and Pop quickly tries to find one, but she is unable to in time and incidentally wets herself. At first Doremi is annoyed, but watching as her little sister cries she decides to use the last of her magic to summon a washing device so that Pop can wash her panties, then continue on her way. 

Later that evening, the Harukaze family has sit down for dinner. Doremi listens as Pop explains how her day went, and how well she did. She remains quiet, proud of her sister despite being concerned for her exam, then takes off for the Maho-Do later in the evening.

Majorika is very upset with her when Doremi reveals she ended up using all of her Magic Spheres, but to their surprise, they just happen to locate a single orb inside the pouch they keep them in. They head through the magical world door, deciding not to question the surprising luck and head straight to the small stand up ahead.

The girls are introduced to the exam givers, Mota and MotaMota. They have some quick introductions and get
to the test, where Aiko and Hazuki pass with ease. 

Doremi then takes her turn, but she is given a hard item that she is unable to identify; as she has never heard of it before. She makes an attempt to make it anyway, but is turns into a steak. While it is deemed delicious and looks great, it isn't what they requested- so she fails.

As Aiko and Hazuki celebrate and observe their adorable, newly born fairy, Doremi and Majorika are very upset.


Major Events

  • Characters introduced: Mota and Motamota
  • The ojamajo take their 9th exam
  • Hazuki and Aiko pass their 9th exam
  • Rere and Mimi are born
  • Doremi fails the 9th exam


  • Hazuki: Does making strange food really help?
  • Majorika: It'll help if you follow my directions.

  • Doremi: Well math has nothing to do with the witch exam. No Problem! The exam is easy...
  • Pop: Doremi! with 30 points what's so easy about it?
  • Doremi: Pop!
  • Pop: I have to remember not to become a bad student like you.
  • Doremi: Why does my own sister have to go that far? I'm really the unluckiest pretty girl in the whole world...

  • Poppu: Uuuu, uuuu, uuuuuuuun.....~birds chirp~

  • Majorika: I see you've used a lot of Magic spheres. So you practiced by yourself. I shouldn't have worried too much.
  • Doremi: Well actually...
  • Majorika: What is it?
  • Doremi: I used all of them...

Dub Changes

Episode 7 Dub Changes


  • As Majorika yells at Doremi at the beginning, Doremi's lower half keeps disappearing as she steps back
    Aiko's missing hair

    Look below Aiko's hat

  • When Majorika is sitting on the book, Lala's entire arm is shaded.
  • As Majorika and Doremi talk of Doremi remaining a ojamajo, Aiko's hair is missing the entire scene. In the same scene, the taps and wands are drawn crudely and lack proper detailing.
  • The book Lala and Majorika have with them has a blank lower square as Hazuki casts her spell, but before and after there was images on it.
  • As the ojamajo share a laugh, Hazuki's wand is empty. But in the scene before it was shown with a whole row of magic spheres. 
  • While Hazuki observes Doremi pretending to be Aiko, a small section of brown is located on the right side. It looks like her hair but it should be the leaves behind her.
  • While running from Aiko and Hazuki, Doremi's tap details are inconsistant.
  • When Doremi hides to cast magic to give Pop more money, her tap is thickly drawn and lacks any magic spheres.
  • While looking into the magic world, Hazuki's eyes/glasses are shown to be skin colored, when they should be opaque.
  • As Doremi runs out of the bush she hid in, the left flap of her hat is red like her hair. 
  • The ojamajo's wands look empty when they prepare to cast their magic. Yet when they actually do, they are shown full. 


  • For a while this episode held a minor controversy with fans, as they found Doremi's exam failure to be unfair. She is too young to drink coffee and would most-likely not be aware of how its made. Adding on to that, it was stated that for magic to work, the user has to be able to have seen it before and get a clear idea in mind.
  • Aiko and Hazuki's foods they were asked to make all somehow held relation to their favorite foods.


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