"You did care, that's why you come in so early."

Opening clip

The opening begins with a bunch of pretty flowers being watered by someone; a girl in Doremi's class who remarks upon them. A shelf nearby is shown, full of many shining, colorful plants.


Hazuki attempts to help a classmate she recently befriended after her feelings are hurt by another student.


Class time

One day Hazuki shows up early to school and puts on her school shoes, heading into another room where she can practice her violin in privacy. She heads to the classroom before seeing another student in the room; her classmate Marina. She watches as she opens the window and puts out a vase of fresh flowers, then begins cleaning off the desks. She is caught off-guard when she finds Hazuki observing her.

Soon everyone else arrives and class has begun. Hazuki discusses what happened earlier with Doremi and Aiko, then looks over to Marina; where the two girls exchange smiles as Seki-Sensei talks. 

The next morning Hazuki comes in once again to see Marina doing the same things as yesterday. When asked about what she has been doing, Hazuki mentions that she has a recital coming next Sunday and she wanted to make sure she got as much practice as possible. They discuss how much they have been learning about each other lately, then Hazuki leaves for the music room. She changes into her witch apprentice uniform to summon a group of vegetable people as a practice audience and resumes playing.

Later, during class, everyone is reading when Seki-sensei silently thanks Marina for the flowers she prepared for the room. Marina expresses happiness in this and continues reading.

During break everyone has gone out to play while Marina works pulling weeds from the flower patches. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko decide to pay her a visit and Marina mentions that she is happy tending to the daisies, her favorite flowers when a ball comes flying out of nowhere and hits the flowers. Shocked, the four girls only stare at the sight when Kimura and the guys come to get their soccer ball back. Doremi tells them off for getting so careless, but the guys end up agitating her further when they question where she gets off by doing this. She ignores them and with Aiko, they demand an apology for what they did. Kimura refuses, saying a girl like Marine doesn't deserve one.

Hurt by this comment, Marina sadly runs away from the group while Hazuki tries to stop her. She doesn't listen and Hazuki is forced to stop and she tries calling for her but this does nothing.

She can only watch with concern when the following day, she doesn't find Marina at school like usual. Aiko and Doremi eventually show up after a while, followed by Marina and they quickly approach her to see if she's okay. Bluntly Marina states that she decided to quit doing this and storms off. 

During recess Doremi and Aiko angrily yell at Kimura for being so cruel towards Marina's feelings and they are unaware of her spying on them. Hazuki sneaks up on her to try to talk again, but Marina is quick to cast blame upon her mother by saying she was the one to enourage her do act like that. When she was little Marina was having trouble making friends and fitting in, so her mother suggested that she try coming to class early to brighten up the room and tend to the flowers since she liked them so much. Marina then claims that she hated it and takes off again.

At the Maho-do, everyone continues to discuss the dramatic problem going on back at School. Hazuki points out
Dodo happy
that she has a lot in common with Marina; because she also had to do something she didn't want to at first, but now she likes it. She is sure that Marina feels the same way and is just in pain from what happened with Kimura.

The girls continue to chat until a customer suddenly arrives; but they are shocked to see it's their frustrating classmate. Doremi is quick to snap at Kimura, but he claims he only came to check out the store and happens to see a strange charm. To get away from them he purchases it and takes off.

It is now evening and Hazuki is busy practicing her violin. She feels a bit depressed, and stops when Rere seems to notice this. They try to figure out what they can do to help Marina when suddenly she gets an idea. She decides to speak with Marina at her place the following morning and see if she can help her. 

However, her plans fails horribly. Marina snaps at herand tells her to mind her own business before storming back inside, leaving Hazuki to sadly stand there.

Later that day, the girls happen to notice how bad the weather has gotten. It's suddenly gotten dark and very windy.

During break everyone comes to notice this, including Kimura, who spots Marina hiding from a distance while observing the flowers. While he is concerned knowing how bad the weather will be, he observes the flowers to see them already suffering damage from it.


Seeing how terrible the weather is as rain beings to pour down, Aiko suggests that they should all get to home or shelter as fast as possible. Hazuki claims she will be heading home with Marina and goes outside to observe the flowers, where she finds Kimura in the middle of trying to cover them using a rope and tarp. Marina comes by and briskly tells him not to bother, but he ignores her and she walks away.

Suddenly the tarp blows away and to make matters worse, Kimura is getting very feverish. Hazuki takes him to the nurses office and quickly returns, knowing it will be up to her to save the flowers and help Marina feel better.

Already home, Marina is trying to bring in the flowers outside of her home when her mother tries to get her to come back inside. Marina recalls how much effort Kimura put into trying to protect the flowers at school and overcome with guilt and concern for the flowers, she realizes she has to return and do something. She grabs her rain items and rushes her, only for her mother to try to stop her.

Hazuki transforms and tried to think of a way to protect the flowers, summoning a miniature greenhouse. But it only lasts a few seconds, causing her to panic until Doremi, Aiko, and their fairies show up. The girls explain that Doremi made an attempt to call Hazuki, but when she didn't answer they figured she was still at the
school. So they had to come find her to make sure she is alright.  Since their magic is not enough alone, the girls decide to combine it by using Magical Stage in order to summon many tiny umbrella. They are able to all form and sit together to keep the flowers safe from the violent rain storm. But to make sure the girls sit by to wait a while before they leave.  

The following day, Misora has become damp and wet with many puddles all over the town. Marina leaves early and heads right over to the school as the tiny umbrella vanish, causing her surprise to see how all of the flowers are safe and bloomed. She is joined by Hazuki, who claims that it was Kimura who saved them. Feeling better, Marina decides to finish the story she began to tell Hazuki, mentioning that at first she didn't like what her mother suggested- but eventually she started to. She also really loves flowers and is relieved that she can continue to do so. Hazuki agrees as she explains that it was her violin she used to detest. But now she loves playing it.

Once school ends, Marina pays Kimura a visit afer being informed of his illness. He answers the door and expresses surprise to see her, and hesitantly she hands him a flower as thanks for what he did. Awkwardly they go quiet for a moment, but then they start to laugh. As this is going on, it is revealed that the two are being watched from the corner by the girls. They make so much noise though, that they begin to run to avoid being caught, almost tripping Hazuki in the process.

Major Events

  • Characters introduced: Marina, Kimura
  • Marina and Kimura's relationship begins with this episode.


  • Marina: Are you going to practice today?
  • Hazuki: The recital is on Sunday so I want to practice more. This is the only time of the day that the music room is available.
  • Marina: I didn't know that.
  • Hazuki: Eh?
  • Marina: I didn't know you play the violin Hazuki-chan.
  • Hazuki: If I didn't come earlier I wouldn't have known about you either. Marina-chan, you did so many things for us.

  • Marina: I quit... I don't want to be the first one in class anymore.
  • Doremi: She's still shocked by Kimura's words.
  • Aiko: Look's like it...


Missing legs
  • As Hazuki walks into the room to see Marina, her legs go missing. 
  • At one point Marina is shown with brown eyes, instead of dark blue. 
  • Hazuki's tap beads go out of order during the beginning of the episode when she appears in apprentice form. 
  • Hazuki's left arm becomes very disformed after she stops chasing Marina. 
  • When the girls cast Magical Stage, it was not shown to be raining. But as they are standing in the rain, it should have been visible. 
  • Kimura has light skin when he holds the flower; but his normal skin-coloring is tan. 
  • As Hazuki and Doremi watch Aiko in shock, Hazuki lacks her ponytail and her bow is brown, like her hair.

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • Doremi references episode 9 while they make charms during this episode.
  • It's shown that class begins around 8:00 am.