Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight
Kindergarten DoHazu
Japanese Title どれみとはづきの大げんか

Doremi to Hazuki no Ōgenka

Season Sharp
Episode № 19 (70)
Air Date June 11, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Takao Iwai
Episode Direction Takao Iwai
Animation Direction Akira Inagami
Next Episode I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion
Previous Episode Dodo Runs Away From Home!!

Opening Clip

In a room, Hazuki and Doremi as kindergarten children are shown playing the violin and piano together.


After criticizing each others mothering, Hazuki and Doremi get into a huge fight and decide to stop being friends.


A bored Doremi hangs out at the Maho-do. Nobody has come to the shop the entire day and she laments this until seeing Hana-chan floating and crawling around all over the place. She makes an attempt to get her and calm her down, but by the time she gives up, she gets an idea and puts Hana-chan into a thin string harness and rope, to allow her to keep hold of her. 

But after Hazuki witnesses this, she quickly unties the device and scolds Doremi for treating Hana-chan like this. Doremi tries to explain that she was by herself though, so responsibility for the shop and watching Hana both fell on her. She apologizes but Hazuki remains angry until Aiko points out that they are at fault for being so late anyway. Along with how bad Doremi seems to feel. 

The girls begin to discuss ways of making sure someone is always watching over Hana-chan without having to watch the shop at the same time, causing Hazuki to get an idea. With her magic she summons a cutesy crib to keep Hana inside, and while they like the idea, Doremi points out that putting Hana-chan into a cage is way worse than just using a little rope. With an assertive voice, Hazuki tells Doremi to get over it when she is unable to think of any other better ideas on how to fix the situation. This causes Doremi to become aggrivated, but when Hana starts to cry they force themselves to ignore it for the time being. 

When they see that she wants milk, Doremi goes of to grab some but Hazuki nitpicks how much mixture Doremi put into the bottle, so she insists on doing it herself. Doremi tries to tell her that she did fine but they start to bicker. She tells Hazuki that she should just relax, but Hazuki believes Doremi is just careless. Doremi then accuses Hazuki of being meek and voicing her opinion that she would ruin Hana-chan as she grows up, making her someone who is unable to express her feelings. As Aiko comes into the room to see what the problem is, Hazuki suddenly runs off in tears. She wonders if Doremi may have went to far, which Majorika and Lala also seem to think is true; as she told Hazuki off using the one thing she often worries over. So they believe the arguement to be Doremi's fault because even if Hazuki took it too seriously, Doremi said something that friends shouldn't say to each other. 

Doremi decides that because of this, she will go find Hazuki to apologize. She comes to the Fujiwara household to find Baaya talking meanly about her, which makes her storm off. Unaware that Hazuki did not believe in what Baaya said and thinks she was being too mean. While Doremi may be clumsy and have bad points, she has a lot of really good points too, and in saying this, Hazuki decides that she should go and apologize for taking things too personally. 

The following day, Aiko brings up how Doremi went to pay Hazuki a visit, but Hazuki claims Doremi never came to apologize. When Doremi suddenly shows up, she ends up greeting Aiko before harshly snubbing Hazuki. Hazuki tries to apologize,
Reanne sad
but Doremi angrily repeats what Baaya said before storming into class.

Hazuki gets angry again and accuses Doremi of being worse since she eavesdropped on their conversation. But Doremi defends what she did by claiming that Hazuki talked behind her back, which is just as bad. 

During class, they continue to snub each other as Onpu asks Aiko for a recap of events. To everyones surprise, Hazuki asks to switch seats and eventually the classroom has become divided; with some on Doremi's side trying to harass her for more on the subject, while Tamaki tries to bribe Hazuki to hate Doremi; although the girls on her side think this isn't nice and scold her for it. Tamaki insists Hazuki should be her friend instead, and while this goes on, there is also most of the male students who aren't quite sure how to go about things, and a neutral party consisting of Aiko, Onpu, and Nanako

Nobody is really very happy by the way things are going, and Aiko points out that both girls are too stubborn to admit they were both the cause of this. 

Later that day it has began to rain. The girls are at the Maho-do and Pop has shown up to inform them that Doremi refuses to come from this point on, since she never wants to see Hazuki again. Lala comments that this is good timing, since Onpu did not have to work, although she isn't happy over this breakup between friends. Onpu then mentions how both girls need to deal with this, but at the same time they can't just sit around waiting for them to reconcile. Majorika winds up being no help either, as she thinks that friendships that easily fall apart over this are not worth saving, then she leaves after Hana starts to cry.

As the ojamajo comfort her, Lala mentions that Hana has been acting strangely since the previous evening, which causes Onpu to point out that she is probably upset over their friends fighting. So Onpu and Aiko make an attempt to fix things and transform into one of the girls to go try to fix everything. But this doesn't work since Hazuki and Doremi can easily tell who is really who, since they are not acting like the person they're pretending to be; given that Hazuki does not have a Kansai dialect, and Doremi is unable to say the right spell. 

Later on the storm begins to pass, but Aiko and Onpu are rather depressed that their plan hadn't helped at all. They hear someone and spot Nanako, who has come by to pay them a visit. She was hoping to see Doremi and Hazuki so that she could have reminded them of an arguement from the past, back in Kindergarten. Something neither Onpu or Aiko knew about, since they were both transfer students. So Nanako offers to tell them the story as it may help things a little.

When all of them were little and in Kindergarten, the two girls fought over the bunny they were in charge of taking care of. Hazuki had been very angry when she found marker on it's face, which Shimakura revealed had been drawn on by Doremi. But both girls felt horrible and began to cry over it; so Nanako assumed the fight was over. But the following day, Hazuki was gone because of a cold and someone forgot to close the door, causing a wild dog to break in and kill the bunny. They made a grave for it to burry the poor class pet, and Doremi suggests they do not tell Hazuki, but the following day she came to find it missing. Doremi tried to tell her that it's mother came to pick it up, which worked until Hazuki found the grave sight and demanded an explanation. 

Doremi was forced to tell her what happened, but Hazuki calls her an idiot, causing her to run away. The others explain that Doremi only lied to Hazuki to keep her from feeling sad, which causes her to reconsider what happened. Later on, Hazuki goes to Doremi to apologize for being so mean, and Doremi claims not to be angry, causing Hazuki to be happy. She then brings up how Doremi has been learning the piano, and because she has been playing the violin, they decide to play together. 

With that, Nanako takes off once the girls thank her for the help. With Pop's magic they decide to cast Magical Stage, and they use it to get Doremi and Hazuki to stop fighting and remember the past. Things prove difficult though, as Pop isn't as strong as them, but with Hana-chan's aid they are able to make it work. 

Suddenly, Doremi and Hazuki and transported at the kindergarten. While Doremi looks around she finds Hazuki and asks her about this, but Hazuki tells her to quiet down and points out the younger then playing together in the
Made Up
music room. Watching them makes the two feuding friends remember how easily they made up in the past, compared to now, and they realize that the both of them were wrong.

The girls apologize to each other and realize that the scenery has began to change. Their younger forms have vanished and they see that they are outside again, so after realizing it was from the use of Magic, they start to run together, hand-in-hand, back to the others as the episode comes to an end.


  • Come out, a crib for Hana-chan
  • Turn me into witch apprentice Doremi-chan
  • Take Hazuki-chan and Doremi-chan back to kindergarten 5 years ago when they made up

Major Events

  • Doremi and Hazuki stop being friends
    • But this is only temporary, as they make up near the end of the episode. 
  • Pop performs Magical Stage for the first time.
  • This episode marks the first time Hazuki and Doremi have not been in a Magical Stage. 


  • This is episode 2 of 2 in a row that Doremi gets into a huge fight with someone.