Doremi Wins Easily? Level 3 Exam
Japanese Title どれみ楽勝? 3級試験

Doremi Rakushō? San-kyū Shiken

Dub Title The 3 Door Test
Season Season 1
Episode No. 40
Air Date November 14, 1999 (JP)

February 12, 2008 (US)

Next Episode Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory!
Previous Episode Doremi's Boyfriend is a Junior High Student?!


Majorika stares at an amazing sight for moments before Doremi comes by to discuss it with Majorika, who claims they will be set for life having a tree that grows magic spheres.


The Ojamajo are set to take the notoriously hard 3rd witch apprentice exam!


The girls find Majorika praying for them and explain to the girls how hard this exam is. In fact, it is so hard that it is the hardest an apprentice can be given. Even if passes the previous exams, most tend to give up at this point or fail it. The girls plan on trying to do their best but Doremi's confident attitude ends up angering Majorika. 


Dela then shows up with some news for them today and brings up that for anyone who can pass, they will be rewarded with a special tree that grows Magic Spheres. It is special because it is also a celebration piece due to the queen's 100th year of being the witch queen. Majorika is very excited at the prospect of a tree always growing Magic Spheres, but Dela points out that the girls can only get it if they pass this exam. Which causes Majorika to get quite demanding towards the girls. 

That evening, Pop transforms into her apprentice outfit and casts magic to summon a drink of coffee with the intention of staying up for her exam. She deems the drink to be too bitter though, and decies to add some milk and sugar; but as she is low on Magic Spheres, she takes a chance to sneak into the kitchen for the ingredients. But once again she is caught and is taken back to her bedroom; along with getting her drink taken away from her out of concern she will wet the bed. 

The girls leave after they attempt to wake up Pop and head into the Magic World, where they find Onpu on her way home. She flies over to talk to them and explains that she already finished the exam, and is allowed to skip the following one too. Doremi takes this chance and asks Onpu if it is hard, and after she claims it not to be, she shows them the special seed that passing apprentice get before taking off. 

At the exams sight, they meet up with Mota and Motamota. Who explain that the girls will have to go through three doors, leading to three different worlds and find their way back before the time runs out. They can also only use magic twice, and they must do the exam on their own without any help. Each girl chooses a different door and the clock begins. 

Aiko finds herself in a dark, confusing land while Hazuki is put into a creepy region with only a straight and long pathway. Doremi however, happens to come across a bunch of witch frogs and spots the other door right nearby. 

Aiko walks along a long and spiral staircase and she finds the door nearby, but before she can get to it she realizes that she would fall over the edge; as it is in the middle of the strange room with no steps or paths leading to it. She plans to use magic until she remembers she can only use it twice, so she decides to wait instead.

Hazuki walks along the land until she happens to spot something squishy on the ground and hears someone speak. When a bunch of strange, ghostly-like figures form out of the ground all of the sudden, she is quick to run away from the spot. 

Someone suddenly spots Doremi and she looks to see a group of witch frogs approach. She recognizes the one as Majoume from when she and the others came to the human world.

As Aiko stands, a strange building approaches her and a witch appears. She welcomes Aiko to the witch's maze before offering to help her reach the door, as a reward for finding her. But she will only do it if Aiko was to hand her a magic sphere. Aiko refuses, which surprises her and she asks Aiko to listen to her first. She brings up that the economy has been pretty bad lately, and it has caused her to become lonely. Aiko offers to chat with her for a bit, and this cheers up the witch and she comments on how wonderful Aiko's business sense is. 

Hazuki continues to panic, scream, and run around as she tries to locate the door. The inhabitants of this land are getting upset due to how loud Hazuki is, so they are able to use their abilities to guide her straight to the door.

Doremi and the witch frogs sit down for some Daifuku and tea, and they are very happy to have Doremi visit; because they rarely get a visitor. But suddenly, Doremi remembers that she had been in the middle of an exam right now. 

Aiko makes it through her door and comes into another land that consists of an overflowing pot and a giant fountain. A witch on top of the pot asks Aiko if she had been looking for a gold or silver door, but Aiko happens to know the story already and explains that she is looking for a normal door. The defeated witch tells Aiko that the real door is inside the fountains water and takes off. So Aiko casts magic to make the door come out of the water and heads right through.

While she may be getting through the doors pretty easily, Hazuki is currently misserable, being chased by strange figures with clay model bodies and light bulbs for heads. 

Doremi resumes her exam with the daifuku as a parting gift, given to her by the witch frogs. She opens the next door to see she's interupting two familiar figures wedding and they ask for her to be a part of it. Doremi agrees after she spots the next door on the opposite side of the room.

Aiko has found herself in her third and final door and is blinded by the light of the desert all of the sudden, while Hazuki has run into the third world door after she startles the king of world two and he moves out of her way. She is taken into a strange, dark void, and before she can do anything, a giant mask clamps it's mouth over her. 

As Aiko comes through the desert she sees a worn out and sickly witch laying in the sand. She asks Aiko if she has any water and Aiko is quick to consider her options before casting magic to summon a glass of water. It was her last sphere she can use during the exam but this witch needs help. Upon finishing, the witch thanks Aiko before she vanishes; leaving a door in her place. Aiko goes through the door and is given a pass before they point out that Doremi and Hazuki have not returned yet, and only ten-to-fifteen minutes are left in the exam.

Hazuki finds herself in a strange part of the land in a small hut-like object. Hearing a strange wheel, she looks to see a very long haired, elderly wizard figure approach. He claims his jokes to be very cold and proceeds to tell her one. But he is shocked when Hazuki begins to laugh, because it is very rare or that to happen. He allows her to pass and Hazuki is congradulated for passing. But they still have to wait for Doremi. 

Doremi leaves the wedding with some more gift items when she notices the third door again. She comments on how easy this was and notices a strange scent wafting through the air; recognizing it as steak and she happens to find out that she only needs a single magic sphere to get it. She looks at the third world door again and sees everyone yelling at her, although she cannot hear them. It is suspicious, but she can't help but give into temptation and because of that, she fails the exam due to running out of time. 

Aiko and Hazuki are given the spheres of certification, along with the seed to grow the magic sphere trees. But when they return to the Maho-do, Majorika and Doremi lament the fact she failed the exam while the fairies enjoy the Daifuku. Aiko and Hazuki go out to water the seeds and sadly complain over the fact it will be two-hundred years before the seeds even grow. 


  • Come out, coffee
  • Come out, door in the water
  • Icy water, come out

Dub Edits

  • Scene Skip: The ojamajo find Majorika praying and when they question it, she claims she had been praying for them.
  • Aiko mentions that Majorika never prays, while in the dub Mirabelle just wonders why Patina is nervous.
  • Paint Edit: Majorika's bandana
  • Lala originally said that an apprentice/witch who gives up a test they go back to being normal girls. In the dub Laralie just states they give up magic forever.
  • The ojamajo asks Onpu if she finished the test, which she confirms. In the dub Mirabelle thinks Ellie is behind them in terms of exams.
  • Doremi compliments the food while Dorie calls them a specific name, Jelly Buns.
  • Paint Edit: Kanji had been wrote on the box Doremi had. The whole box was blocked other then some pictures.
  • Aiko and Hazuki are upset because the tree they gained will take 200 years to fully grow. In the dub, they claim they will be 109 by the time it grows.


  • When Doremi spots Onpu, both Hazuki and Aiko are missing their tap details and the trio all lack their earing shine marks.
  • As Hazuki observes the seed Onpu shows them her tap details are missing. Also note the lack of shine on Onpu and Aiko's earrings. Tap detailing goes missing again a scene later as they cheer too.
  • When Aiko asks about the exam's details, she is the only one missing tap buttons, followed by herself and Doremi again. Also note Hazuki's lack of a nose.
  • When Doremi tries to cheer everyone on a scene later, both she and Aiko lack tap details. And in the following scene, only Aiko lacks them again.
  • As Doremi opens her door, she has no tap details.
  • While on the steps Aiko lacks tap detailing.
  • One witch frog has a big purple heart crystall ball. In the next scene it's a red-pink color. When Doremi does her transform pose for them, it's purple again. Also note that Doremi lacks tap details during this part.
  • As the girls observe Majorka under the table, the straps of her head cloth are colored gray, when they are not in any other scene. Also note in this scene that the shine mark is missing from Dela's magic sphere.
  • During the scene when Aiko spots the door in the second world she goes through, half of the beads on one of her gloves are missing. Her tap is also crudely drawn.
  • While Doremi leaves her first world, the tap is missing its buttons.
  • After Hazuki returns to Aiko and the others, Aiko's tap lacks details.


  • The world Hazuki is put into and interacts with resembles "the scream" painting. 
  • All the worlds the ojmajao travel to have a theme corresponding to them: Aiko had puzzles, Hazuki had paintings, and Doremi happened to travel to the areas of those she knew in the witch world. 


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