"Yo! Nice to meet you. I'm Harukaze Doremi!"

Now a teenager, Doremi Harukaze is the main character of the Ojamajo Doremi 16 Light Novels. 

Just entering high school, Doremi is learning how to adjust to the many changes of life while trying to help everyone  

else deal with their own. 


Currently in 10th grade, Doremi has entered the Misora Prefectural High. Having been reunited with all of her friends, Doremi works hard at the Maho-do and her studies and has been trying to repair her damaged relationship with Kotake. Since being a child her outlook on life has greatly improved, now calling herself the luckiest girl in the world, instead of the most unlucky

She is in class with Yada, Takeshi, Sagawa, Oota, Sora, Naomi Okuyama, Nobuko YokokawaKayoko Nagato, Aiko, Momoko, and Hana-chan


Doremi is a tall, fair-skinned teenage girl with big oval raspberry eyes with a mauve hue to them. Doremi's long red hair appears shorter but generally looks the same, with her bangs longer than before and her odango smaller to fit the new length. 

Outside of her witch uniform and school clothing, Doremi was shown in a vest with a tight elbow-length shirt and two-layered ruffled skirt.


Doremi is a kind and friendly girl. She can be funny and very klutzy at times but always means well, which is why she is quite meddlesome towards everyone. She doesn't really care if she was to be despised by the person as long as she can help them in some shape or form. She has been much more considerate towards others and seems not to be as selfish as she was as a child, although she can still be a little bit lazy and gluttonous. She tries to play cool but others tend to notice right away. 

While school wasn't very kind to Doremi she has been making much more effort and is getting half-decent grades now. She has been accepted into the school she applied for and focuses as much as capable for herself to focus on what important tasks she has to accomplish, even if she generally has no idea how to do such tasks yet. 

Her boy-crazy tendencies have also severly lessened since realizing her feelings for Kotake. However their relationship is just barely as it used to be since children. They are a lot more mature about their feelings and act as friends when speaking to each other, and Doremi has even taken it upon herself to get more invested with his Soccer playing to show support.


Novel 1

Doremi was preparing for life as a highschool girl when she finds herself being reunited with Aiko. As the trio were catching up they happened to spot the recently restored Maho-do and found Majorika and Lala, who explained why they left the Magical World and requested that the girls work for the Shop again. Initially Doremi hesitated as she wished to work at a friends Steak House, but she was quick to reconsider after everyone began to comment on this decision.

As she was helping various friends, Doremi was also trying to track down Onpu and help Hazuki figure out who was trying to ruin the reputation of the school she attends. She also got to know her teacher a bit more and began to realize he wasn't as bad as she initially thought. 

Novel 2

Novel 3





"Urggghhhh!! She went and poured salt on the wound on my heart that I've been trying to forget!"


  • Doremi reveals that Kotake was the boy she gave the confession letter to at the end of Dokkan. 
  • Pop points out that before the start of the Light Novel, Doremi had been wearing her hair down. 


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