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Doremi Harukaze is the main character of Ojamajo Doremi. The "world's most miserable bishoujo" whose day
Doremi 14
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goes from bad to worse after she fails to confess her crush on a boy. After a horrible day of school Doremi comes across a bizarre magic store when she discovers that the owner is a real witch!

A true friend, Doremi is rather simple-minded, childish, and sort of selfish to the point of being seen as troublesome to others. But whether someone wants help or not she is very dependable and can easily understand other people's feelings.

She's also known to fall in love very easily...

Doremi was born on July 30th, 1990. She has B blood type and her favorite food is Steak.

In the original series she is voiced by Chiemi Chiba. In the dub, she is voiced by Amy Palant.


Doremi fallen over.
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The term "Ojamajo Doremi" is coined from Doremi herself. It comes from 3 separate elements: Ojama, which can translate as "troublesome", which is used on daily basis to describe Doremi. Majo, which means witch, and Doremi, being her name.

Doremi meanwhile, is very much aware of this and as a result she always sees herself as an unlucky girl who can rarely ever win in life. It does not help that she is very clumsy and even the simplest of movement result in her getting hurt. As a running gag she often falls down stairs, a trait she still seems to possess even in high school...

Normally Doremi portrays a lazy and absent-minded temperament. She does not like to do a lot of work and may complain or whine when things seem too hard, unless it's for a goal she really wants. She also does terrible in school and has difficulty when it comes to studying or doing her homework. She can be a little bit self-centered sometimes and despite usually working to help others, she'll be even more ready to give 100% if steak is involved!

Doremi also has a foul temper and whenever she is already close to the edge, it's best to just not push anymore of her buttons. Which include her hair, name, stupidity, being a klutz, or just injustice in general. However, over time she has grown out of this. She does still get angry but she doesn't react the same ways that she used to, as a sign of maturity and dealing with more grown-up issues

Despite her childish and emotional exterior, Doremi is a warm and friendly interior bursting to the seam with love and compassion for her friends and those she holds closely. Even if she does not like the person she will put her personal feelings aside in order to try to help them. She also isn't judgmental without reason after meeting someone new, which comes in handy since it helps her befriend others quite easily. Her easygoing and normally positive attitude is very infectious and just draws a lot of people to her.

Doremi is widely known by all for the fact she falls in love very, VERY easily and gains crushes almost each and every single day!

Unfortunately, this never works out in her favor as the guy is either taken or just has no interest in her. But because of the passion she gains for each boy, she is willing to push herself as far as she can and even do things she may not like or particularly care for. This also seems to have dropped as a teenager upon realizing she had a crush on Kotake Tetsuya.


Doremi is a fair-skinned girl with bright magenta colored eyes and red hair that is about waist length, though
Doremi first
Doremi in the first season.
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always worn up in odango held with thick pink scrunchies with a single gold music note attached to one of them.

Through the first and second season, Doremi's odango had been about the size of her head. She wears a carnation pink t-shirt tucked neatly into her light, dull pink baggy shorts with big pockets on both sides, along with a purple tanktop, lace-pink socks and bright pink and white tennis shoes.

Doremi Naisho
Doremi in Naisho
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In Motto, Dokkan, and Naisho everyone gained a somewhat upgraded outfit to fit the new style of the series. Doremi's top has become lighter in color and instead of a purple tank top she gained a purple hoodie-style vest. Her shorts have become more shapely and less detailed, gaining a belt. Her shoes have also gained a bit more detailing and her rolled down socks have become knee socks. While Doremi's hair remains the same, her head to orb ratio seems to have adjusted slightly.

For swimming Doremi usually wears a magenta-red bikini resembling a tank top and bathing suit bottom.

For bed time she wears pale pink pajamas with paler pink colored cuffs on both top and bottom, including her buttons. At her neck is a white collar, while decorating it is pale lilac music notes.

During winter, Doremi was first depicted wearing a long sleeved purple shirt with a deep red bubble-vest and pink scarf. Then a new coat during Sharp and eventually she starts wearing a long brown coat with multiple pockets, dark pink gloves, and a scarf.

As a baby, Doremi's odango orbs had just been forming on her head. She wore a pink shirt with lilac overalls and pink shoes. She was also shown with a black and white performance outfit.

Other Outfits

Due to becoming a very big section, other outfits have been moved to its own page. For more information on the other outfits Doremi has worn, please visit:

Doremi Harukaze (Other outfits)

As a Ojamajo

Doremi henshin pose
Doremi changing the very first time.
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Doremi is the pink Ojamajo and the first girl to form the group, so she is thought of as the leader (much to her joy) and grows concerned when she is shown up by others or worries her position may be taken from her.

Before this happened however, Doremi has always wished to cast magical spells and often could be found reading books about witches and magic, which resulted in her ridicule most of the time. Due to seemingly being "unrealistic". At first Doremi had been slightly hesitant, but the moment she found out she could become a witch she was overly-eager to test it out!

It is unknown but entirely possible that Doremi was the one to make up the apprentice witch saying and dance, considering upon finishing it for the first time, Majorika said "What the hell was that....?"

Compared to her normal self, Doremi comes off just as clumsy as a witch apprentice, if not more. She struggled when it came to very basic spells. She could cast them, but they wouldn't come out as intended usually. Her spells originally also fizzed out pretty quickly and easily, especially when she's hungry or flustered.

At first Doremi was also in the habit of making greedy spells due to her gluttonous nature, she also thought magic could fix everything and anything, something she's learned to grow out of and eventually deciding against as a teenager. In which she still suggests magic, but she is aware they don't need it as much as they used to.

  • Transforming: Pretty Witch Doremichi!
  • Spell: Pirika pirilala poporina peperuto!
  • Magical Stage: Pirika pirilala, Nobiyakani!
  • Royal Patraine: Pirika Patraine!
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Her yousei is Dodo, who is younger then both Rere and Mimi. Due to Doremi getting her a day or two later. At first Dodo possessed baby-like tendencies and was very curious about mostly everything.

She will do as she is told but if she is overworked or taken for granted she will get upset. Which has caused two major arguments resulting in her running away twice. Dodo is a bit like Doremi in terms of personality also, but due to this they often criticize one-another or get angry. But they love each other and over time, Dodo grew to become playful, competent, and less clumsy.

Doremi's crystal ball
Doremi's crystal
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Doremi's magic stone/Crystal ball is a pink bean shape, but unlike some others it is unknown why it is this shape.

The object/instrument used to form her pollon/porron was a pink toy piano she used to play with as a child.

Ojamajo Doremi 16 / Ojamajo Doremi 17

Doremi is now a high school student dealing with romance and mending a lot of broken relationships. In terms of appearance Doremi is said to still look the same, though her bangs frame more of her face, while the rest of her hair has shortened severly, having angrily took a pair of scissors to it after dealing with the drama that came from her relationship with Kotake. However she still wears them Odango-stye with the same pink hair scrunchies. Her outfit has gained a minor update, including a tight, light pink elbow length shirt under a lilac Hoodie-style Tee shirt, a very light skirt with single purple line around the hem, pale pink stockings and a pink pair of flats.

At the moment Doremi is one of the few girls that isn't dating, but is dealing with a lot of drama. She reveals to the readers at one point that she confessed her returning feelings for Kotake, but he then turned her down. This in turn severely strained their friendship for some time, although it's implied they still care about each other.

Because everyone had left, other then Hazuki, Doremi usually spent her time with her, Aiko, keeping in contact with Onpu over the phone until that very year when they lost contact, and emailing Momoko every single day. After re-meeting with Majorika, Aiko and Hazuki convince her to come back to work at the Maho-do with them, rather then choose to work at her friends Steak House, which was what she had already applied for.

Currently Doremi is in class with Yada, Takeshi, Yuuji, Yutaka, Sora, Naomi, Nobuko, Kayoko, Aiko, Momoko, and Hana-chan when they both return.

As of current, Doremi is still kind of childish and self-attentive, but she's also grown up a lot too and she focuses on a lot more important things. She still doesn't like school, but she's surprisingly gained some knowledge and gets decent grades now. Her relationship with Poppu seems to have taken a few steps backwards again, though it may just be playful teasing. She has been taking plenty of work to find her goals and virtues, even reading and learning about Soccer in order to bond with Kotake.


Doremi little
Doremi as a little girl.
When Doremi was a little girl, she was much like Dodo. Very curious about the world around her and kind of clueless. She liked to see new things and often got into them without knowing any better. Her mother taught her how to play the piano, which ended in disaster after Doremi panicked and forgot how to play during a recital. But this did lead to Doremi finding her love of steak!

Haruka has also mentioned that when Doremi was a little girl, she acted a lot like Poppu and tried to act mature and adult-like. Soon after Pop arrived, Doremi had become jealous and did not like the attention Pop was given. As a result, Doremi often would snub Pop when she would follow Doremi around and possibly because of this, Doremi wasn't aware of the jealousy and resentment Pop formed for her over years.


Haruka Harukaze - Doremi's mother, a pianist growing up until injury when she could no longer play. Previously suicidal until realizing she was pregnant with Doremi. Now Haruka spends her time as a housewife who tends to house chores, but enjoys shopping, exercising, or playing the piano again. Haruka is very motherly but like Doremi, has a big temper.

Keisuke Harukaze - A writer and fishing enthusiast, Keisuke is a very caring dad who tends to put his interest above mostly everything else, to the annoyance of Haruka. He often brings fish back for dinner and likes to collect fishing lures of many types. 

Pop Harukaze - Doremi's little sister who is said to be much more competant then Doremi in just about everything: Boys, work, friends, school, even sports and chores. Because of jealousy growing up, they have a strained relationship, though it lessens over the years. 

Her love life

Doremi ending
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One of Doremi's main focuses in life happens to be romance and boys. She falls in love very easily but it seems to never work out. For example:
  • Igarashi-Senpai - Eventual captain/leader of the soccer team, Igarashi was a boy Doremi felt attraction towards for a long time. Her many fails to confess to him was what led to the series starting. Her crush on Igarashi ends after she overheard him and Maki confess that they had feelings for one-another. While she claims to have given up on him and claims she doesn't care about him anymore, it seems she still may like him a little despite knowing better.
  • Shingo - After developing a crush on him, Doremi went fishing with her dad in hopes of getting close to him. But when she attempted to tell him he revealed to already have a girlfriend, much to her shock.
  • Yutaka - A tennis player who indirectly turned down Doremi after admitting his crush on Aiko.
  • Akatsuki - Doremi's main crush during Sharp and leader of Flat 4. Doremi was the only ojamajo to have feelings for her counterpart and he seemed to return them. Upon finding out he was actually a bad guy she went into a momentary state of shock and was very hurt by the events. However, after this incident when the group (along with Oyajide) reformed and she continued to persue a romantic interest in him until Dokkan when he cheated against Kotake in a game and she chose to go comfort him after telling him off for it.
  • Kotake - Having known each other for years, Doremi and Kotake always acted bitterly towards each other. As the series progressed this began to lessen until Kotake finally (indirectly) confessed his feelings for Doremi. Years later in Ojamajo Doremi 16 it's revealed that Kotake was the figure Doremi gave the love letter to in the final scenes of the anime.
  • Shuuzou - An older brother that fell in love with Doremi after Onpu cast magic on him when he caught her transforming. Doremi returned the feelings until he snapped out of it and she was told what happened.
  • Nobou - The son of a wealthy couple who was the sponsors of a concert Onpu held in Sharp. The boy was handsome, kind, friendly, but a major flirt who hit on all four Ojamajo while they stayed over at the families ranch. Despite Doremi finding out he was a player, she makes claims that it wouldn't work out due to her dislike of cows.


  • Hazuki - Doremi's closest friend, as they grew up together since they were really little. They rarely fight but when they do it ends up really hurting the both of them.
  • Aiko: At first Doremi disliked Aiko because she was rude and didn't seem to care about other people's feelings. But soon she learned that Aiko wasn't really like this on purpose, and actually very nice.  Aiko often teases her on friendly terms and they seem to be close also.
  • Onpu: Doremi thinks Onpu is very cute despite her antagonist status and kept trying to convince her to stop using forbidden magic. Doremi seems dependent on Onpu sometimes, even when she was evil and only chose to help them. While it seems on the other-hand, Doremi is part of the reason Onpu chose to switch sides. Onpu also likes to tease Doremi and has no problem telling her the truth.
  • Momoko: Doremi first befriended Momoko with ease since Momoko happened to be in the same class as her, which made Momoko very happy. Both seem similar in more ways then one, except for Momoko's lack of temper and clumsy nature. Momoko feels very close to Doremi.
  • Hana-chan: She is considered to be her main "Mommy" and due to this, she is normally with her unless for some reason Doremi cant be there to comfort her. During Dokkan they are often together, and also, near the end of Dokkan, Doremi snapped her out of sadness when she ran away. And Hana-chan did the same for her when Doremi locked herself in a building and refused to come out.
  • Pop: Doremi argues and bickers with Pop countless times during the series due to how uncaring Poppu acts towards her. But Pop does sincerely love Doremi, and Doremi just wants Pop to be happy. Despite how much Pop looks down on her, they do grow a lot closer as the series progressed.

Magical Doremi

In magical Doremi, Doremi Harukaze has been re-named Dorie Goodwhyn. In comparison, Dorie seems to be, in fact, more clueless and ditzy, coming off as more "stupid" by comparison. Often she calls herself doomed, instead of an unlucky pretty girl.

And she is also noticeably and easily twice as excitable than typical normal Doremi. Her voice is about the same pitch also. And apparently at one point, Dorie owned a cat.

Other Voice Actors and Names

  • France: Doremi's name is spelled "DoReMi" and she is voiced by Laurence Saquet.
  • Germany: DoReMi, voiced by Simone Brahmann.
  • Hong Kong: Cheunfung DoReMi, voiced by Leung Siuha
  • Italy: Doremi, voiced by Marcella Silvestri.
  • Korea: Do Remi, voiced by Bak Yeonghee (1, sharp, and motto) Yang Jeonghwa (Dokkan)
  • Mexico: Doremi, voiced by Vanessa Acosta and Claudia Mota.
  • Portugal: Doremi, voiced by Babara Lourenco and Catarina Santos
  • Spain: Doremi, voiced by Blanca Rada
  • Taiwan: Shunfeng DoReMi, voiced by Yang Kaikai

Character Songs


"The worlds most miserable bishoujou."



  • Doremi has a lot of bad luck with both steak and ice cream.
  • Doremi is the only ojamajo to suffer from non-minor injuries on common basis.
  • She is also the only ojamajo to fail transformation twice!
  • On the cover of what looked to be a chinese video or book, Doremi's shorts and socks were incorrectly colored bright pink.
  • Doremi and Pop's hair and theme colors are interchangeable. Doremi is pink with red hair, while Pop is red with pink hair.
  • Doremi gets the most big-mouthed or odd face moments, to show her childish side.
  • Doremi's hair has been shown down in the anime four times:
  1. After a bath in Sharp before putting up her odango.
  2. The final episode of sharp after her crystal ball shattered.
  3. The first episode of Naisho when she transformed into an adult.
  4. A Naisho episode when she was pretending to be a goddess in a fountain, though most of it was extensions from the result of magic.
  • Doremi shares many similarities with Sailor Moon:
  1. Childish personalities
  2. Tempermental
  3. Incredibly clumsy and suffer injuries a lot
  4. Loves food
  5. Can be lazy
  6. Pink is their favorite color
  7. Both are the Leader/main character of their respective series
  8. Both have their respective series named after them
  9. Long hair worn with or in odango
  10. Boy crazy girls who end up with the guy who bullied/teased/harassed them growing up.
  11. Both have an annoying younger sibling. Pop for Doremi and Shingo for Sailor Moon.
  12. Both gain a baby member. Hana-chan for Ojamajo, and Chibi Chibi for Sailor Moon.
  13. Both also have similar relatives who also are alike in terms of behavior and appearance. Pop for Doremi and Chibiusa for Sailor Moon.
  • Doremi was the oldest witch apprentice until Momoko joined.
  • Its implied that Doremi has more hair scrunchies other then her normal pair, as it was shown that Hana-chan got her peach winged scrunchies from Doremi.
  • Doremi is the only Ojamajo with a sibling until Doremi 16 when it's revealed that Hana-chan has a twin sister.
  • Doremi's first name comes from the first three notes of the "Do-re-mi" scale while the characters of her last name translate as Spring Breeze (Haru = Spring, Kaze = Breeze).
  • A TCG depicts Doremi cosplaying as Luffy from One Piece, making her the only Ojamajo to cosplay as someone from another anime.
  • During the first season group transformation, Doremi's tap is shown to lack detail when they pose.


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