Doremi Fails as a Mom!?
Japanese Title どれみはママ失格!?

Doremi wa Haha Shikkaku!?

Season Sharp
Episode № 4 (55)
Air Date February 27, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Episode Direction Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
Next Episode So Long, Oyajiide
Previous Episode Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam

Opening Clip

Doremi watches Hana-chan from a distance, trying to sleep but clearly in a lot of pain. As she goes to get closer the others suddenly appear and tell her to stay away before Onpu calls Doremi a failure. The opening comes to an end as Doremi cries.


After Doremi carelessly gets Hana-chan sick she begins to feel a deep remorse but struggles to fix it after she's told off for it and has no one to turn to.


One late evening Onpu is singing Hana-chan to sleep.  After Majorika and Lala awaken with a start, they panic and find Hana missing, until they see that Onpu has her. She scolds Majorika for being so loud, then goes on to explain how she didn't have work the following morning and since she can't always be there, she likes to come and help during the evening; and doesn't really mind. Majorika is pleased to hear this and compliments Onpu for being so nice. 

Dodo and Fafa

The next morning everyone is busy working hard to prepare to open the shop for the day. Doremi feeds Hana-chan as Pop comes in to introduce her fairy to everyone. The yousei take this time to get to know Fafa and Dodo makes an attempt to show her around. As she "plays" with Hana, a customer comes in, who the girls recognize as an upperclassman who graduated the previous year.

She mentions that she was hoping they still made Magical goods, but the girls explain how they are busy remodeling the shop into a floral-themed one instead. But the brand new goods work the same way as the old ones did; which Doremi explains to the girl. She leads Maki to the flowers while Hazuki takes a moment to catch Aiko up on who this girl is. 

As she listens to Maki, Doremi can't help but wonder if something might have happened between her and Igarashi, then she asks Maki to tell her about it. Maki explains that he has been accepted into a private school with a famous soccer team; and because of this she rarely ever sees him anymore. She has tried to call him a few times, but it didn't help. Doremi believes she may have a good item in the store at the time and picks up a nearby flower and explains it's Magical Properties to her. Maki happens to like the flower and considers it a good choice, so she makes the purchase and mentions how she would be meeting with Igarashi around two PM before taking off. 

Majorika goes on to suggest that someone should go and take Hana-chan outside. The girls worry she may not be ready, but Majorika assures them that Magic Babies adjust to their surroundings much quicker then a human baby. Doremi offers, although Majorika warns her to keep her in the shade and be back within thirty minutes. 

Around three fifteen, Doremi decides that she shoul.d be getting back to the Maho-dou since it has been long enough, but she stops upon spotting Maki sitting in the park. She feels very concerned over her problem and really wants to help, so she hides behind some plants for a closer look after spotting Igarashi.

Doremi watches as he explains to Maki that his practice has been extended by an hour, so he couldn't help that he was late. Maki doesn't want to hear it though and makes an attempt to leave, but he tries to stop her. She claims that he doesn't care about her anymore, even saying that all he does talk about now is Soccer. He claims he can't help it since he has to put a lot of focus into Soccer if he wants to be put onto the team, and for those who are on the team have to work twice as hard. He thought Maki would understand how important this is to him, and she claims that she does but she hates how they can hardly be together anymore.  

Doremi trails behind the feuding couple and has no idea what to do to fix it. She can't use her magic to interfere with peoples feelings, but she suddenly gets an idea. So once she changes into apprentice form, she hides Hana and flies over the couple to cast a spell and make a storm start. They try to avoid the rain and when they find a spot, Igarashi uses his jacket to shield them from the rain. This makes Doremi very happy, but she isn't aware of how upset Hana is beginning to get. Hana's magic begins to release a strike of lightning; surprising the couple, but enough to cause them to stop arguing. Doremi tries to determine where the lightning calm from as the storm begins to clear away, and she watches as they reconcile and the flower starts to bloom.

With this solved, Doremi is quick to run back to the shop. Doremi is yelled at for taking so long, but she has no idea what the problem is or what the big deal is until Hana-chan starts to cough. They get her over to the Tree of Life upon noticing she has a fever, and Majorika sends Aiko and Hazuki to make her an ice pack. Doremi feels bad, but Lala tries to keep her calm as Pop suggests they get a doctor. Majorika tells them that a human doctor can't cure magic beings though, then mentions that the Magical World isn't an option either; but since she has had experience, she knows what to do. She tells Doremi to grab the Honey Blossoms from the other room to make some medicine. 

They struggle to get Hana-chan to make the medication but keep check over the ice pack. Pop scolds Doremi and tells her off for being careless, while Majorika agrees with her and goes on to bring up how Onpu isn't there as much as them, but she still comes in every night to tend to Hana; but she actually can't think of anything Doremi contributes. These harsh words hit Doremi deeply and she takes off for home in hopes of seeking comfort. 

After she tells her mother what happened, she responds by hitting Doremi. Doremi is shocked, but Haruka explains to her that while she may feel badly and hurt, Hana-chan is in much more pain right now and Doremi should be by her side instead of running away. So before Doremi leaves to go back to Hana, her mother decides to explain some things she can do in order to help Hana-chan.

Later at the Maho-do, everyone is trying to get Hana to sneeze but she refuses. Doremi returns, much to some relief, and she explains that since Hana has to sneeze then the most painful part of her sickness is over. Aiko is worried and points out that she can't breath properly since her nose is stuffy, but Doremi knows how she can fix it. Doremi informs them that they can help Hana if someone sucks on her nose through their mouth; but after this grosses everyone else out Doremi handles it; then spits into a napkin. She then tells Aiko to grab some cold towels for Hana to have her suck on; which ends up stopping her from crying.

Eventually, Doremi remembers her mom was going to come by to see how everything was going. So Aiko and Hazuki transform and pretend to be Hana-chan's parents. They easily trick Haruka into thinking they are, and when she decides to take off, she brings Pop with her since it's getting late. Doremi informs Aiko and Hazuki that they can go as well, and she tells Lala and Majorika that they are welcome to go to bed if they like. She spends the rest of the night taking care of Hana-chan and falls asleep until the morning light begins to shine. She is woken up when Hana suddenly yanks on her hair, as Majorika comes in to check and deems Hana-chan's fever to be gone. 

As Doremi runs to get Hana-chan some milk, her mother shows up again and mentions that she brought breakfast for her. The episode comes to an end as Doremi runs over to Haruka and announces that Hana is better.


  • Make rain fall on them


  • As Dodo gets closer to Fafa, her bangs turn dark pink.
  • As Haruka leaves the Maho-do, Lala is missing her lipstick.
  • While Lala watches the disguised Hazuki and Aiko speak to Haruka, one of her antennae is fully colored in; giving it the appearance of a full lock of hair.


  • An ojamajo getting Hana-chan sick would occur again during Motto; this time the one who gets her sick is Momoko.