Doremi Becomes a Mom!?
Hana's Birth
Japanese Title どれみママになる!?

Doremi Haha ni Naru!?

Season Sharp
Episode № 1 (52)
Air Date February 6, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Takuya Igarashi
Episode Direction Takuya Igarashi
Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
Next Episode Raising a Baby is a Lot of Trouble!
Previous Episode Goodbye Maho-Dou

Opening Clip

The ojamajo observe a strange, closed up flower that glows while opening to reveal a baby inside of it.


After the ojamajo go to say goodbye to Majorika they are shocked to learn that she's left for the witch world already. But after finding an item she left behind they decide to go and return it; but will apprentice powers be needed to get the girls out of the situation they find themselves in?


Everyone in class is going over their report cards for the final school day of the year. Doremi is upset to see how badly she did, while Aiko and Onpu gently tease her. Hazuki begins to panic, which they sympathize with until seeing the rest of her marks were outstanding, making them tell her off for complaining.

That evening the girls head over to the Maho-do with their plans to say goodbye to Majorika. Doremi mentions that Pop didn't come because she was too sad to say bye, so she stayed home and cried herself to sleep; which makes the girls feel horrible until Onpu reminds them that for times like this, they need to remain strong. While upset they force themselves to go inside, but to their surprise find the Maho-do dark and empty. They look around, but are unable to find anything and try to open the Magical World Door; to no effect. 

It is then Doremi finds a note and reads it to the others. It describes that Majorika was unable to face the girls before leaving, so she felt it would be easier to just go before they came. She grabbed the yousei and Majoruka, and with Lala they left. She feels very lucky to have met them and will miss them deeply.

While the letter touches the girls, they are upset that they missed saying goodbye to everyone. But known to them, someone happens to be watching. The figure summons two items, dropping one near a small table behind the girls, and using the other one, a key, to unlock the magical world door.

Onpu notices the item and when the girls realize it belongs to Majorika; they decide to go return it to her. Onpu mentions that the door was locked, but when Doremi finds the key in the key hole, she is able to open it. The girls are excited and happy, but Onpu finds this suspicious since she knew a key wasn't there before. She tries to tell the ohers; but her words go unnoticed and they go inside. 

Meanwhile, in the Magic World; many witch are discussing the fact that a baby will be born from the Queen's Rose very soon; since it has been one-hundred years since the last baby's birth. This baby will have a huge amount of power and the witch to take care of it has yet to be decided. It is such a task that quite a few plan to refuse if offered the position. 

Majorin heads into the Queen's room to inform her that Majoheart, the doctor of the witch world, has reported that the baby will be born within a few days. She suggests that the Queen decides who the guardian of the baby will be before it gets too late, but the Queen informs her she has already made up her mind.

The girls struggle to locate the village of magic frogs and come by a strange map. Onpu is able to figure out the music note system used for it and explains that Majoruka taught her this. Since it is so far away though, Doremi suggests they take a shortcut through the Queen's Garden. But when they arrive they find two guard-witches blocking the entrance. So they have no choice but to walk around the entire pathway like the map said. But Doremi happens to find a big hole in one of the wall shrubbery and they run through it as Onpu points out that it wasn't there originally. 

On the other side is a very big, colorful, beautiful garden. While observing the roses surrounding them, Hazuki mentions that a Blue Rose may or not be real; because they can be super hard to cultivate. They come to a block in the pathway, where they see a thorny plant covered by many shut blue roses. But suddenly; one begins to glow and opens to reveal a small baby inside of it. Before the girls have a chance to react, the baby begins to cry and is tossed from the flower. Doremi is quick to run and catch the baby and they start to question this. 

Onpu explains how Majoruka told her that witch babies are born from flowers, then she asks to hold the baby until it begins to pee all over Doremi. The guards of the Queen's Garden suddenly interupt the girls though and bring them to visit the Witch Queen. 

While they wait, Majoheart checks the baby to make sure she is alright. She is healthy as they assumed, but as they figured, she also has a huge amount of magic power in her and if she is not raised right; it can cause dire consequences for both worlds. 

The girls make an attempt to explain what happened to the Queen, but she informs them that she will be making the girls the babies mother. Whenever a witch child is born, usually the one who witnesses it will become the child's mother for one year. Doremi begins to panic, but the Queen has confidence in them and even voices that she has been watching them. She also will grant them the apprentice witch powers again and has Majorin give the girls their brand new taps. 

As they try out their new wands, items, and outfits, the girls are joined by Majorika, Majoruka, and all of the yousei. Majorika is quick to scold Doremi for returning; but before Doremi can retort, Majorika finishes by claiming to be happy that they can go back to the Maho-dou and do some business. The yousei fly to the girls and greet them, but when they hear an unknown fourth voice, Onpu introduces them to Roro. 

The witch Queen steps down from her throne and announces that if the girls can take care of the baby for one entire year, they will be given their crystal balls back. While it is too early to tell how things will go, everything is riding on how well the baby is cared for. She also warns them that even magic will not make it easier. She takes the girls back to their world and they go to the backyard of the shop; where she explains how the girls use magic, and show them the brand new Magic Seeds they will be using. 

Each girl puts one into her wand and together with the Queen's help, they all cast magic together to transform the Maho-dou into a bigger building. They begin to observe the brand new, bigger, floral-themed shop as the Queen brings them over to the Greenhouse next to it. She shows them the tree of life located through the structure and places the baby down; explaining how appropriate it is for baby witches. She summons special scarves for the girls to wear that contain the mark of the Magic World and she asks them to wear them whenever they have to come see her. She also gives them some baby items to last until Dela comes by. 

Before she takes her leave, Doremi asks for Pop to become an apprentice again. The Queen compliments Doremi for caring so much for Pop and she hands her the original apprentice tap and leaves with Majorin. After the girls observe the baby again, Onpu asks to hold it... until it starts to pee all over Doremi again, in which she changes her mind while Doremi laments. 


  • Maho-do, change

Major Events

  • Hana-chan is born and put under the care of the Ojamajo. 
  • The girls become witch apprentice again; along with Pop. 
  • The Maho-dou is upgraded into a Flower Shop. 
  • The girls enter the witch world for the first time since the Witch Queen escorted them out to say farewell. 
  • Roro is formally introduced. 


  • As the witch queen puts Hana-chan onto her lap, the tiny pompoms of her hat turn white.
  • As Onpu stands up to ask if she can hold Hana-chan, her bangs are lilac in color, like the flap of her witch hat.
  • When the Witch Queen summons the scarves, Hana-chan is wearing a pale pink onesie and a green hat. But when she appears again, Hana-chan's clothes have turned white.


  • This is the first episode in which we see Onpu transform into a witch apprentice. Her transformation was vaguely played with in the previous season twice, however.