Doremi, a Stormy New Semester
Japanese Title どれみ、嵐の新学期!

Doremi, Arashi no Shingakki!

Season Motto
Episode № 1 (101)
Air Date February 4, 2001
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Takuya Igarashi
Episode Direction Takuya Igarashi
Animation Direction Yoshihiko Umakoshi
Next Episode Momoko Cried!? The Secret of the Earring
Previous Episode Good Bye, Hana-chan

Opening Clip

The Ojamajo turn to the audience and announce that they are now in fifth grade but sadly lament on how they are no longer Witches and can't see Hana-chan anymore. Doremi yells before grabbing the other three into a tight grip, stating that there's no need to be so gloomy when suddenly a strange girl goes by then while saying "Hello" English!

But...who is she?


Its a brand new school year for Doremi and Co, but when they are suddenly summoned into the Witch World they soon meet a girl who plans on helping them with their next shop theme and together everybody uses magic to transform the Maho-dou!


Doremi sets up the Camera for the Harukaze Family photo as they do every time a child graduates and is moving
on to a new semester or school. Before she can get into it however, she accidentally trips... With that in mind, Pop soon leaves with their parents to meet her friends and Doremi cheerfully hops up into the air when Haruka tells her of their dinner plans. She then heads to the Flower Shop Maho-dou to meet with the others. They make casual conversation until they're scolded by Majorika.

After mentioning its the first time she's scolded them since Hana-chan left, everybody grows saddened. Aiko soon apologizes for bringing up Hana-chan to begin with. In hopes of raising their spirits, Lala shows them a photo she took while in the Witch World getting a facial done. Quickly it perks up the four sad girls and they comment on how cute Hana-chan looks.

Meanwhile in the Witch World, the Queen is in the middle of a meeting with the Senior witches. She brings up how well Doremi and the others took care of Hana-chan and she believes that they meet the requirements to become witches. Unfortunately, the senior witches soon plot out the errors of her ideas, such as how they lost their crystal balls, a Witch's most precious item. Another comments on how absurd this would be, for the current Queen to break such a long-time rule. To counter them, the Witch Queen points out that nobody has ever been able to get the Love Supreme flower and the Previous Witch Queen who had sealed her heart away from the humans was able to feel something by seeing their courageous deeds.

Majoheart points out that the previous Queen from Two Reigns ago would have easily gotten rid of the Ojamajo with her own powers, and the other witches agree. After a bit of arguing, they decide to hold a vote on it and end up in a tie, meaning choice now falls to the Witch Queen to decide the outcome. Instead, she makes a new proposal with the senior witches and asks them to just allow the girls to become Apprentices once more, which they do allow. It's then when Majo Heart gets an idea to have the Ojamajos be tested, to which the Witch Queen promises that if even one witch feels they do not deserve to become witches then she will give up trying to convince them. She then adjourns the meeting...

At the end of the day, the Ojamajo are tiredly laying about as Majorika greedily counts her money while stating that the sells soar when Onpu is around. Suddenly they hear a sound and see many glowing petals and sparkles forming, along with the witch queens carriage driven by Majorin. Greeting them, she explains that the Witch Queen needs to speak to them.

Momo reveal
Upon arrival they are quickly informed that they can resume being apprentices and as long as they pass the six exams, may even advance further. The girls this time will be making sweets! At first they are eager to be able to become apprentices until realizing they don't know how to make candies or bake...

Luckily, the Witch Queen planned ahead and a strange yellow-clad girl suddenly enters the room. With a big smile she greets them and they gain a new Ojamajo Teammate: Momoko Asuka!

The Queen explains that around the world, plenty of Maho-dous exist and Momoko helped out at the one in New York. She's just returned from America a week ago. They are very happy that now they have someone to help them bake, but Momoko informs them she didn't make sweets too often and normally just managed sales, but she knows enough to help them out.

With that in mind, the Queen and the girls head back to the Maho-dou where Momoko proceeds to tackle and nearly strangle Majorika thinking she was someone else when Majorika lacks the mole Majomonroe used to have. The girls then formally introduce Momoko to Majorika. They are soon given their newest Taps and transform for the very first time. After summoning their new Pollons, the girls, along with the Queen, summon magic to transform the Maho-dou!

Going inside, the girls explore while Momoko explains basic things to them, like the cooking stove, which is basically an oven and stove combined. Going into another room Momoko shows them a giant chocolate and candy maker, then mentions its a lot bigger then the one in New York. The Witch Queen comes inside and tells Momoko to change into Patisserie form and make candy for everyone to show the Ojamajos their other forms along with how the machine works.

Going up the steps, Momoko opens a pink lid and pours magical powder into the machine, then closes the lid and places her hand over the hand mark. It lights up the machine and the sparkling matter slowly floats down and pops out as multiple spheres of candy!

They try a piece of the candy but decide its not that great before Momoko points out that a final ingredient is needed in order to make the candy taste better. She explains that the Patisserie pollon is different from their normal pollon and that while using it, they can infuse their feelings and thoughts into the candy. She then has them try it and everybody deems the candy to be a lot better now!

The following day, Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki head to school to see a huge crowd of students in front of the classroom rosters lists, including Onpu. Doremi doesn't care, stating that they're in the same class anyway. That changes when Aiko and Hazuki go to ask Onpu what class she is in and get informed them that she, Aiko, and Hazuki are in class together... without Doremi...

Doremi mopes as Tamaki Reika taunts her. Sugiyama from the SOS trio is also sad to be separated from the other two but they promise him that their friendship will remain. meanwhile, Kotake and Kimura, being best friends, aren't too sad to be split up and mention that they will see each other in Soccer Club. Aiko is comforting an upset Nobuko and soon the girls in 5-1 with Doremi go on to mention how Doremi's sadness makes sense considering only 11 of them are there from the original class, with three of them being the original boys.

Suddenly Seki-sensei steps inside and introduces herself and goes on to bring in the new student: Momoko!

Doremi is very happy to see her and tries to speak to her. Momoko does see her and says hi also and when asked, Doremi explains what she knows about Momoko, including her name, and that she has returned from America. However, she doesn't notice now that Momoko doesn't understand what she's saying. Seki-Sensei explains how Momoko has been gone for so long that she's forgotten how to speak Japanese, which leads to Kotake asking Doremi how she possibly befriended someone when there's such a big language barrier. This also leaves Doremi very confused...

Seki-sensei then asks Momoko (in English) to give an introduction and Momoko proceeds to do so. The students are amazed by this when Tamaki suddenly intervenes by saying nobody can understand her. This hurts Momoko's feelings temporarily until Seki-sensei tells Tamaki to stop harassing Momoko. She then points out she'll sit next to Doremi. Momoko continues to speak English, which is translated by Seki-sensei as both Momoko and Doremi struggle to speak to one-another as the episode ends...

Spells used

  • Maho-dou Change!



  • In the wide pan shot as Aiko mentions she shouldn't have brought up Hana, since they each promised not to, Onpu's bow/string around her chest is missing.
  • When the girls see the photo of Hana-chan, the left sleeve of Hazuki's shirt is missing the inner arm (armpit side) lining.
  • When Momoko is hugging Majorika, notice her gloves are missing
  • Right after Momoko explains the cooking stove and it shows a group shot of the girls, Hazuki's glove is missing.
  • When Momoko infuses the candy with the "special ingredient" there are purple-ish orbs of candy that were not there before, or in the scene after when she has the group try the new candies.
  • Two girls in front of the line at the schools class listings are miscolored. This could be due to the fact they are new characters/classmates this season and did not have assigned colors just yet.


  • Characters introduced: Momoko Asuka
  • This is the first season to introduce the Ojamajos' new designs and the art style update.
  • Apparently, should a witch lose her crystal, it's possible she is no longer considered a witch. One of the senior witches pointed out that the Ojamajos shouldn't be allowed to become full witches since their crystals were shattered while trying to save Hana-chan.
  • A pâtissier is a confectionery/pastry chef. Usually, it's a common title amongst females or chefs who specialize in pastries.