"Finally, starting from today, we're all sixth graders, right?"

Doremi's Surprise! A New Ojamajo
Japanese Title どれみびっくり!新しいおジャ魔女

Doremi Bikkuri! Atarashi no Ojamajo

Season Dokkan
Episode № 1 (151)
Air Date February 3, 2002
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Takuya Igarashi
Episode Direction Takuya Igarashi
Animation Direction Yoshihiko Umakoshi
Next Episode Hana Becomes a Sixth Grader!
Previous Episode Goodbye Witch Apprentices

Opening Clip

The Ojamajo turn to the audience and announce that they are now in sixth grade and that it's their last year in that school. They ask themselves, who that new girl talking to them is.


Hana accidentally sets free Baba and transforms herself into an 11-year-old. She surprises Doremi and the girls at school in her new form.


The Witch Queen and Hana visit the sleeping Majotourbillon. Hana stumbles and touches a locked chest. She accidentally uses magic. The chest opens and a fairy comes out of it. She introduces herself as Baba, Majotourbillon's fairy.

After that, the Witch Queen meets up with the Senior witches. She tells them that Hana and she have found Baba. The fairy apologizes for being rude to the Witch Queen. Baba tells her, that Majotourbillon suffered more than they have thought.

Doremi runs into the Maho-Do. The girls are waiting for someone from the Witch World, so they'll get their full access to their witch title.

Meanwhile in the Witch World at the playschool, Oyajide, Majopi and Majopon and the other children are trying to entertain Hana. Hana is not in a good mood because she misses her mothers. Oyajide tells her, that Doremi and the others have to go to school. Hana starts to cry that she also wants to go to school, but Majopi and Majopon explain to her that she has to be older to go to school. They shout at her that she should stop crying and that she can't go to school. Outraged Hana uses magic and declares that she will grow up and go to school. Hana immediately starts to grow and even the Ojamajos feel the amount of magic Hana uses. The Maho-Do also changes. After Hana has fully transformed into a 6th-grade school girl, her crystal balls break. Majorin hurries to the Witch Queen and tells her about Hana.

The Ojamajos wonder about the new Maho-Do but they have to go to school.

The Witch Queen goes to the playschool, but Hana already left the Witch world. She hopes that Hana could improve the connection between the Witch world and the human world. She already had planned to let Hana go to the human world when she grows up, so she could learn from the humans. Majovanilla mentions that Hana can't be a witch anymore and so she will not be a queen in the future. The Witch Queen wants to break her crystal ball to give a part of it to Hana. The consequence would be that the Witch Queen has less power. She also wants to do that for Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu and Momoko.

Momoko and Doremi arrive at school and they see that all of their classmates and Seki-sensei surround a new classmate. Seki tells the girl that she can't take part in the class because the school doesn't know about her. The girl tells Seki that she knows Doremi and calls her Mother. They are all surprised and still don't know who this girl is. Seki wants to speak with the girl alone when she screams that she is Hana. Momoko and Doremi now recognize her and run after Seki to tell her that they know Hana. Doremi and Momoko ask Hana some questions and are upset. When Seki wants to know more from them, they tell her that Hana belongs to the owner of the Maho-Do. Their teacher allows Hana to stay at school that day. The girls join the welcoming ceremony of the school. Hana discovers Hazuki, Onpu and Aiko there.

At the Maho-Do the girls come together and talk about the new situation with Hana. Hana also tells them that her crystal balls broke. The Witch Queen enters the Maho-Do and tells Hana that she now is an Apprentice Witch. Hana gets a tap. In that tap, there are crystal balls from the witch queen. The other girls remain Apprentice Witches until their crystal balls have enough power. Majorin gives them their new tap. Hana needs the power of the ojamajos so she can use her tap. She doesn't need a pollon, because she uses the jewelry gloves to use magic. She conjures a backpack for herself. Now that Hana is an Apprentice Witch, she has to pass all of the Witch exams. The Witch queen then uses magic and the chest from Majotourbillon appears. Baba comes out of the chest. The Witch Queen asks her to explain to the girls what they should do with the Maho-Do now. Then the Witch Queen leaves.

After that, Baba is disrespectful to the girls, Majorika and Lala. She doesn't tell them what to do with the shop and disappears to her chest. Hana is still happy because she can go to school tomorrow. She uses magic to get more clothes but they soon disappear because she doesn't have so much power anymore.

Spells used

  • Hana-chan's gonna be older and go to school!
  • Send energy to Hana-chan!
  • I want a backpack to appear now!



  • Characters introduced: Baba