Doremi gracefully thinks about how lucky she is as she moves around several leaf. A special event has come to her, and she is very surprised.


An older boy suddenly gains a crush on Doremi! She's delighted and enjoys his company, but Aiko and Hazuki are suspicious and believe it to be the work of a greater force...


Doremi is running late when someone on a pair of skates suddenly shoots by, causing her to fall over. Instantly Doremi is smitten by the boy and decides to watch him and a girl as they skate around and make conversation. They are joined by a girl Doremi knows from school named Maki Higuchi, and remembering that she is running late, she runs off.

At school, Onpu is putting away her things to leave for the magazine interview she's to be in. Aiko sees that she forgot her textbook though, and since they have homework Doremi volunteers to catch up to Onpu and give it back. Onpu realizes how late she will be and she decides to transform into a witch so that she can fly to work. However, she doesn't notice the boy from earlier, who saw her and decided to get a closer look.

As Doremi runs by, she sees the boy from earlier and stops to look at him for a moment.

After Onpu changes into witch form, he approaches her and questions her outfit, causing Onpu to mentally scold herself for being caught so careless. Without giving it much thought she flees after distracting him by claiming she saw an UFO, then casts a spell on him in order to distract him with something else. As the boy goes down the steps, he sees Doremi and instantly becomes attracted to her, telling her to call him by name, Shuzou. He then claims to love Doremi and asks her to go out with him. Doremi is stunned, but Onpu, having seen this takes off as she doesn't have the time to deal with it.

At the Maho-do, Doremi tells everyone that she is dating Maki's brother. While it's a little strange, everyone -except Pop- is happy for her. Doremi asks to leave early today since she has plans with him, but Majorika is against it, since she still needs to work and practice her magic. Doremi ignores her however, and takes off to get ready.

At home, Doremi is talking with Dodo about how Shuzou confessed to her. She is busy putting facial items onto her skin while contemplating how or when he could have fallen in love with her, since they never formally spoke to one-another before. She chooses to not think about it though and leaves the bathroom, with Haruka confronting Doremi about using her beauty mask as it has gone missing. Doremi admits she took it and simply asks for tomorrow to come quicker, too happy to care about the scolding.

The following day, Doremi is talking about things with Hazuki and Aiko when she spots Maki in the hallway and goes to talk to her. Maki is very confused until Doremi admits what happened, only to see practically every other student now surrounding her to learn more. Everyone in class watches Doremi and she informs them about what happened. When Tamaki claims she's just lying, Doremi tells her to not be mad just because she got a boyfriend first. Tamaki turns it into a fight and Kotake angrily tells them to go outside if they want to keep this up. Onpu walks into the classroom and says nothing of this, simply stopping to look momentarily.

During break, Maki contemplates how this is even possible, stating that her brother should like his friend, Mika, not Doremi. She then goes inside, not aware that Shimakura had been eavesdropping on her. She then prints some papers and after school, Tamaki confronts the ojamajo with this updated news with a picture of Doremi in one panel, and a picture of Mika and Shuzou in the others. Tamaki claims that his real girlfriend is Mika, so why would Doremi say she is his girlfriend. Aiko and Hazuki claim this doesn't prove anything though and Onpu comes by, claiming she witnessed the event in person, causing Tamaki to say he must be a two-timer then until Maki comes by and claims he would never do that.

Later , Doremi takes a walk and she notices Maki and approaches her. She claims her brother isn't a liar, so if he did say that it must be true. Doremi then asks about Mika, and Maki explains that her brother and Mika are just close friends who met through inline skating. Doremi then meets up with Shuzou outside and they begin to hold hands while walking home. Doremi is very happy- although she hears two older girls refer to them as siblings, rather than a couple, much to her confusion.

Doremi and Shuzou begin to skate with each other, which Doremi struggles with. She keeps injuring herself but he claims she is doing well. So he holds her hand and they skate with one-another. Mika is shocked when she catches them in the act and skates away.

They skate until the day is coming to an end and Shuzou mentions that they have the next day off from school, being Saturday. They make plans to meet back up around 10:00 am and Doremi waves him off.

Unaware to her, when he leaves the pathway, the spell wares off.

Shuzou recalls that he claimed to love her, and he questions why he spent the day with her. At home, he goes over it a few more times with Maki. She mentions that he also asked Doremi to go out with him, much to his shock. He suddenly remembers, stating that he had followed Onpu to get her autograph for Mika- but that was it.

The following morning, Pop mentions that Doremi has been making a nice lunch for her date today with Shuzou. Majorika is angry since Doremi isn't there working like she should be but everyone else tells her to just give Doremi a break since it may never happen again. It's then Onpu comes inside and asks where Doremi is. When they inform her of it, she comments that her magic did well and reveals to them she had cast a spell on Shuzou to make him fall in love with Doremi.

Meanwhile, Doremi is at the skating area with her lunch she's packed for them. Shuzou spies on her, worried about how to solve this problem since he cares for Mika and he doesn't want to hurt Doremi either. So Shuzou sits down and eventually manages to confess to the mistake after he sees Mika run away from them again. A shocked Doremi stays quiet until the others show up and Onpu admits that she had cast the magic in order to rid of him. She doesn't seem to feel bad about it though, stating that Doremi had fun while it lasted anyway. Aiko tells her off for it, but while Doremi feels hurt, she's also happy and explains that she's bad at inline skating and she is sure she'd struggle to deal with training everyday so its probably for the best.

It's then Majoruka shows up with Majorika and Lala. She scolds Onpu for using this magic, but Onpu states that she'll be fine because of her magic charm. Majoruka warns her that it won't work forever, but Onpu pays it no mind and she claims it isn't her problem when the others want to help the broken feelings between Maki, Mika, and Shuzou. So the ojamajo cast Magical Stage in order to repair the relationships.

The three come to the sight, into the strange place the ojamajo made with their magic. Majorika, in a strange suit pretends to be a woman who will extract evil spirits from people. She then claims Shuzou has one in him and as a result it made him confess to random people. He finds this weird, and hard to believe but he also comments on how strange he felt the day before so maybe he really was posessed. While hitting Shuzou with her tassled items, they have a "ghost" appear and she hits it a bunch of times until it vanishes. She then stops, claiming to have chased the ghost away. Mika claims it to be some trick and she leaves while Shuzou gives chase. In a hurry, she doesn't check to make sure one of her straps on her skate was fully attached and she runs off!

While skating away from Shuzou at a very fast rate down the hill, the strap comes loose. But before she can collide with the tree, she runs right into Shuzou instead.

He asks if she is okay, but she claims to be fine and instead asks to check on him, since he got hurt because of her. Shuzou claims it was his own fault however, since he didn't tell her properly. He confesses to liking her, to which Mika asks if the ghost made him say that. They share a small laugh before Doremi comments on how nice of a couple they are before Hazuki makes a comment, reminding Doremi of her single status.


  • Go fall in love with another girl
  • Have all the affected people gather here

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • In the snap shot of Maki with her brother, notice the incorrect coloring of her hair and eyes, which are shown to be blue-gray instead of brown. Her helmet was also a teal-green and purple-blue themed but in the picture it's white and pink.
  • Notice how strange Maki's brothers left eye looks when he looks for the "UFO" Onpu spotted.
  • As Aiko tells off Onpu for what she did to Doremi while in an extreme panned out shot, Hazuki lacks the back part of her hair.


  • Doremi comments that it is her ninth autumn. This could hint that she has turned 9 since the beginning of the series.
  • Notice when Doremi confesses to Maki about her brother, Kotake is standing away from everyone, near the window with a frustrated expression. This could hint that he was jealous.