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"From then on, this house never bought another pet."

Don't do it! Forbidden Magic!
Japanese Title 矢田くんは不良小学生!?

Yada-kun wa Furyō Shōgakusei?

Dub Title The Flora Test
Season Season 1
Episode No. 18
Air Date June 6, 1999 (JP)

February 11, 2006 (US)

Next Episode Hazuki-chan is kidnapped!
Previous Episode Yada-kun is a Delinquent

Opening Clip

One pretty day a little girl and her little puppy are playing together. They run around the yard until the little girl falls down and the puppy licks her affectionately.


After a classmate refuses to help with the class pets, Hazuki and the others try to determine why she hates animals so much and attempt to rekindle her love of them instead. But will it come with a big price?


One late evening the Ojamajo are in the Maho-do with Majorika prepping for the exam they are to go and take. Lala points out that if they pass this exam then they will get to speak to plants. Hazuki is excited, though Doremi really isn't and mentions she would rather speak to animals; to which Lala informs her that she will soon be able to do. The ojamajo are about to leave when suddenly Majorika tries to make them hide and escape. Nobody understand why she is behaving weirdly though, until Dela appears.

Majorika makes an attempt to talk her way out of the predicament she happens to be in, but Dela refuses to leave. She tells her to just pay the bill, since it is late but Majorika doesn't have enough money for it. She admits that they are low, and asks for an extension. Which Dela allows, only if Majorika does a few favors for her first; like serve her a lot of tea and massage her back. With this in mind the ojamajo decide that they will go without Majorika and Lala.


They arrive just in time to find Mota and Motamota closing their exams booth  and are quick to question it. Mota and MotaMota inform them that they were just preparing to leave for a trip they won through lottery. Doremi is pretty angry and points out they came to take their next exam and demands to know what they should do about this. Mota and MotaMota have to hurry and get going, but feel bad after watching Doremi play on their emotions by acting dramatic. So they simply inform the girls that they have passed the exam and use their magic to upgrade the girls status' to level 7 witches. 

As Mota and MotaMota prepare to leave, they warn the girls not to tell anyone what has happened. The ojamajo are a bit confused, but they decide to go and do some sight-seeing since they have some free time. Hazuki is concerned since Majorika has warned them about specific locations, but Aiko and Doremi are too curious to pay that any mind right now.

They come to a large forest and are quick to notice how much bigger everything is in comparison to themselves. They happen to see a strange blue flower and Doremi hands her broom to Hazuki to use her Poron and casts magic on the flower. At first she greets it, and the flower is very polite and gentle. It introduces itself as the "weak point flower", which she questions. Upon doing so, he springs to life and tries to eat them!

Oh darn
Luckily for the ojamajo, the chase is very short since they have their brooms to fly with. Doremi struggles at first until she is able to get her broom back and they quickly fly high into the air; with Doremi almost caugh by the flower, and take off as it stops to realize how high up it is. To which it proceeds to fall down right after. 

As they are about to discuss what they would like to go and do next, they notice a coach nearby and the witch queen asks Majorin to pull up near them. She asks the girls why they have come there, and they explain how they just recently passed their 7th exam. But she gets suspicious when Doremi makes an attempt to tell her about what Mota and MotaMota did. Hazuki and Aiko stop her though and they quickly excuse themselves and fly away. The queen thinks this is very strange and decides to have Majorin follow them on the crystal ball when they get back.

The following day at school, Aiko and Doremi see Hazuki just exiting from the rabbit cage outside. They greet her but notice she looks upset, so they ask her why this is. Hazuki mentions that her partner never showed up and wonders if she overslept. But when they reveal she's been in class this entire time, Hazuki is very shocked and confronts Nanako for not helping her. Nanako apologizes and claims not to like animals, then she asks Hazuki to just do the work herself. But Hazuki tells her that even if she doesn't like animals it isn't fair to make her do all of the work by herself and tries to get her to see her side of the situation but Nanako refuses and runs back inside the classroom. Concerned for her, Hazuki points out that Nanako isn't usually like this and that she's known her since the first grade. Something must have happened since then to make her suddenly hate animals.

Around lunch, the ojamajo sneak up to the roof of the school and cast Magical Stage in hopes of solving this strange mystery. Once they do, a paper floats down to Doremi and they see directions on it, leading the Okada household. Aiko calls this stupid since they could have just asked the family themselves without wasting the magic. But before they can argue over it, Hazuki simply hits a button to let them on the property, but they choose to sneak into the backyard at the last second to avoid being seen in their apprentice uniforms.

Seeing that nobody is home, they cast magic on a nearby cherry tree to ask if it could aid them, and thankfully she can. She explains that a few years ago Nanako had gotten a puppy on her birthday and goes into full detailing on how much love and attention she gave to Lulu. But two years ago during summer, Nanako and Lulu had been playing fetch. But when Nanako realizes the stick went onto the road she tries to get Lulu to stop, unaware of the on coming vehicle. After that, Nanako felt so responsible for Lulu's death that she cried and refused to eat or do anything for at least three days. Her parents offered to buy her another dog multiple times but Nanako always refused.

But they still arrive late and try to claim they simply fell asleep on the roof top by accident, so they get sent into the hall as punishment. So they put this time to good use by trying to think of a way to help Nanako and consider
Lulu bunny
asking Seki-sensei, but realizing she would be angry with them, they go to ask Yuki-sensei instead. She gets an idea and after school, Hazuki shows up at Nanako's door step with a cute little white rabbit.

In order to make Nanako take the rabbit she makes up a lie by claiming that it may be getting a cold and that she can't watch it since she was going to leave with her dad. She also points out that she's name it Lulu and to make sure it works, Hazuki gives Nanako the rabbit before running off, much to Nanako's annoyance.

Once in her bedroom, Nanako sits the bunny-rabbit down and she begins to do her homework until it knocks over her trashcan. She scolds the rabbit, only to stop upon momentarily being reminded of Lulu. She picks up the rabbit and apologizes for being mean earlier, then sits it back down onto the bed. Nanako then starts to play with it before it's "accident" on her bed. But she finds it hard to stay angry and promises to make it a cardboard house when she isn't playing with her. She gets up to leave her bedroom, unaware that her window is open enough for the rabbit to escape!

The second she returns to her bedroom she calls Hazuki to inform her of what happened, so the four girls split up to locate the missing white rabbit. After some hours and the sun has begun to set, they all regroup but nobody has caught sight of Lulu.

Until they happen to see a nearby bush moving a bit. The girls hear noise that sounds like a fight and Aiko chases the mean cat to find an injured Lulu inside of the bush. The girls begin to panic until someone comes by to ask them of the problem. They are surprised to find that it's their teacher and quickly get a ride over to the veterinarian office. After a while the doctor comes out to inform the girls that he managed to get the bleeding to stop and the emergency surgery went fine but all they can do is wait to see if she recovers. But he does point out that if she doesn't wake up by morning then chances are, she wont make it. This makes Nanako very angry and she yells at Hazuki for giving her Lulu to begin with. Seki-sensei manages to calm her down by explaining that Hazuki was only trying to help her feel better, but this doesn't work and Nanako continues until she starts crying.

This makes Hazuki feel badly enough that she leaves the office and changes into her witch form. But before she can do anything, Doremi and Aiko stop her by trying to reason with her when they realize she plans to try to heal Lulu. They warn her not to do it since she'll get hurt or sick herself, then try to do it with her by saying it will be easier if they all got punished for using it. Hazuki just continues to refuse and refuse until she manages to pull her broom away from them and flies up to the room where Lulu is before casting a spell.

Meanwhile in the waiting room, Seki-sensei goes to check on Lulu and begins to panic. Causing both the doctor and Nanako to run into the room to see Lulu is okay. The doctor takes Lulu out of the cage and he gently pulls off her bandages to see how well she is healed and expresses surprise to see how gone the wound is, but he hands Lulu over to Nanako who happily embraces the bunny.

Outside they do not notice Hazuki, who is very happy to see that Lulu has been healed. Slowly she floats down to the ground now suddenly feeling faint and very sick. She passes out just as Doremi and Aiko find her and upon realizing how feverish she is, they quickly take Hazuki to Seki-sensei.

Later that evening at Hazuki's home, Hazuki is speaking with Majorika and Lala. Majorika cannot understand why Hazuki isn't in a near-death state right now, as she saved Lulu's life. Just then, a nearby rose begins to speak! It's revealed to be the witch queen, who chose to speak through it. She reveals to them that protected Hazuki using her magic, but she warns her not to do this again and as punishment, she takes Hazuki's magic away from her for the entire day. She then leaves as Majorika and Lala hide behind her pillow as Aiko, Doremi, and Nananko come into the room. Nanako gives her some flowers she picked earlier and apologizes to Hazuki for the problems that day. She promises to help look after the animals now that she has begun to love them again.

This makes Hazuki very happy, as she apologizes for what she said the other day. Nanako thanks Hazuki and hopes that she gets better soon as the episode comes to an end.


  • I wish to talk to this flower
  • Tell us why Nananko-chan hates animals
  • I wish to talk to the cherry tree
  • Please heal the bunny

Major Events

  • Hazuki loses her witch apprentice powers in this episode. 
  • The girls 7th exam is skipped and they are instantly upgraded to level 7 apprentice witch. 
  • The ojamajo gain the ability to speak to plants. 


  • Aiko: The fact that she brought flowers means she's a good kid.

Dub changes

Dub Changes


  • At one point as the ojamajo question how easy they passed the 7th exam, a single leaf-let of Hazuki's witch uniform is tan colored.
  • When Aiko tells Doremi that maybe the map will help them, all of Doremi's skirt petals are dark pink colored, except for the lightest pink coloring.
  • During most of the episode, Nanako's scrunchies on her pigtails appear a very dark purple color. But at one point or two during the episode they appear a light lilac color.
  • During the flashback before Lulu is hit she was shown wearing a collar. As she is running foward however there is no sign of one. Then right before she is hit, it appears again.
  • Before the vet comes into the room, Seki-sensei is shown without any lipstick. Despite the distance from the screen, there should have been a physical sign of it.
  • When Hazuki leaves Aiko is sockless.
  • As Motamota and Mota, wonder what to do for the ojamajo, one of Motamota's ears is colored a very dark pink-purple.
  • Notice the bunch of flowers Nanako gives to Hazuki, they look very different in the before and after scenes.
  • As Mota powers up the girls wands, one of her gloves is colored like Motamota's.
  • When they fall in the ground, Aiko has the Peperuto Poron, and Doremi has the Poppun Poron (wrong porons they are holding).


  • On Nanako's wall is a poster of the main character from yume no crayon oukoku.


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