Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam
Pop Sleeping
Japanese Title 眠っちゃダメ!ぽっぷの見習い試験

Nemuccha Dame! Poppu no Minarai Shiken

Season Sharp
Episode № 3 (54)
Air Date February 20, 2000
Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Shigeyasu Yamauchi

Takao Iwai

Episode Direction Shigeyasu Yamauchi

Takao Iwai

Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
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Opening Clip

Pop prays to the moon, asking it to help her stay up until it's time for her witch exam. The moon then shows a reflection of Pop sleeping on the floor with her eyes taped open.


Tired of falling behind the others, Poppu tries to find methods of forcing herself to stay awake in time to take her first exam. 


The ojamajo observe the new portal that will be leading them to the magic world. After being scolded by Majorika, the girls run inside to hurry up and finish preparing to open up for that day. They're all excited, but Onpu points out that sometimes she will not be able to do much work, since she does have her own job. 

Meanwhile, Pop is trying to play with Hana-chan but she accidentally wakes her up, causing her to start crying. The girls run into calm her down and Doremi scolds Pop for being so careless and she runs off. Onpu takes note of how harsh Doremi was being, but they do not have that much time to think over it since they need to finish. 

When their classmates arrive the girls pose with them for a big, group picture. They bring them inside to show them everything. Doremi is teased by Kotake, Marina bonds with Hazuki, and Onpu happens to attract a lot of attention from the boys. While this is going on Pop watches overhead from one of the paths that lead from the top floor to the top floor of the Green House. She goes to bring Hana-chan out to the shop after seeing that she is still awake, but as she struggles Hana begins to cry again. The girls panic and quickly run up to where she is before the girls fall and get hurt. Doremi yells and berates Pop for being careless and claims that by being harsh, it is the only way Pop will learn.

Onpu then takes her leave for some work and eventually the girls classmates begin to leave. Doremi is a bit frustrated though when she realizes that for some reason Hana-chan isn't too happy with her. Majorika claims that it was because Doremi did not take care of her, but Doremi is still confused. She promises to keep trying her best, but when Pop does the same thing; she yells at her again. 

Dela suddenly appears and mentions that she was sure by now that Hana's items are getting low. She has gone ahead and brought some more and shows them the price; surprising Majorika with the expenses. Dela takes off after she informs Pop that she can come the following day for her apprentice exam. Pop is very happy, but Doremi brings her mood down.

Since it is getting late, Lala and Majorika tell the girls they can leave whenever they are ready and start to complain over their lack of sleep since they got Hana. This gives Pop an idea though, and she offers to watch Hana-chan for the night in order to stay up for her exam. Everyone is concerned, except for Doremi, who just flat-out tells her she shouldn't bother, but Pop refuses to listen.  

That evening, Pop struggles to take care of Hana. She scolds her; causing her to start crying for a while. Pop is feeling herself grow tired but Hana starts crying again because of how hungry she is. Pop accidentally gets the milk too hot, but quickly fixed it. Majorika and Lala try to watch her, but find themselves too tired and eventually they pass out. 

As this is going on, Doremi and Dodo are working together to keep her parents from growing suspicious by filling her bed with something else and making it move. While Doremi is tired, she is too worried to get any sleep. 

Thinking that Hana just wants to be held, Pop takes her out of her bed and attempts to hold her. But she feels herself start to drift off to sleep, but luckily Onpu has just happened to show up. She explains how she had a late photo shoot and tends to return to work around this time every night to help with Hana. Pop explains why she is there, so Onpu suggests that she sings to help put Hana-chan to sleep. This works, but after she notices that Pop is also falling asleep, she gets her to sing with her.

As the time passes, Onpu eventually takes her leave when Pop assures her that she can handle the rest of the evening. She continues to tend to every single need of Hana's until eventually she realizes that the morning has come. She thanks Hana-chan for helping her, and seeing her in such a good mood makes her happier. She is sure that she will be able to stay up the entire evening the following night now that she's done this, and she takes her leave after making a promise that she can do this. 

But this provides to be quite the task, when throughout the day her strange expression and behaviour surprises her friends and family. 

The next evening, Pop assures Doremi she is fine and she heads into the magic world through the new portal. But the girls worry over her anyway, so they follow along and bring Hana with them in hopes of giving Pop some extra support. When they arrive at the exam booth, Mota and Motamota inform the girls that Pop has not showed up yet. The girls begin to fret over her but Hana starts to cry and they are unable to tell what the problem is. Onpu wonders if it may be milk, but Doremi reveals that she has accidentally forgotten it. Onpu points out that if Dela brought some to the human world then there has to be some here, but they also need to find out where Pop is. But in the end, they decide locating some milk is more important. So the girls split up to locate some.

While searching, Hana-chan indirectly uses her magic to summon a strange liquid mass up in the sky. But when she suddenly starts to cry her magic releases it, causing a huge tidal wave of milk to wash over the location. Hana is also washed away as her cries snap Pop out of her sleep. She flies over to the scene and summons a giant jar to hold the milk, changing it into bubbles to float into the jar.  But in the process the ojamajo end up stuck inside the jar too. 

After the girls get out, Pop receives her upgraded wand, fusing her toy trumpet with her poron because she was allowed to skip to level 6. She also receives her own yousei, Fafa.

That night, everyone is back at the maho-do where Hana-chan sleeps peacefully. Everyone compliments Pop for doing such a good job, but she is so exhausted that she ends up passing out. Doremi worries while listening to her, unable to comprehend what she's talking about as the episode comes to an end... 


  • Save Hana-chan

Major Events

  • Pop gains a yousei named FaFa. 
  • Pop becomes a level 7 apprentice and gains a brand new wand. 


Lala's Legs

Error: Lala's legs

  • As Lala tells the girls to go home for the day, her legs are discolored. They should be colored so that they match her pants; not skin-tone like they are showed. By the time Majorika leaves, they are fixed. 
  • MotaMota lacks her gloves when they inform the girls that they haven't seen Pop.
  • As Aiko points out the dire-ness of the situation, her tap (along with Onpu's and Doremi's) have a blue hue to them. Normally this hue is pink-purple.
  • At the up close of the ojamajo in the jar, Doremi is seen her season one witch attire. 
  • MotaMota's gloves go missing again while it is explained why Pop gained a new wand. 
  • The shape of the spots on Pop's top do not say consistent as Doremi first scolds Pop.


  • Ironically, Doremi is portrayed as being harsh and mean to Pop in this episode; despite the fact that Pop did nothing to earn it. During next weeks episode however; everyone turns on Doremi.