Dodo Runs Away From Home
Japanese Title ドドが家出しちゃった!

Dodo ga Iede Shichatta!

Season Sharp
Episode № 18 (69)
Air Date June 4, 2000
Screenplay Yoshimi Narita
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight
Previous Episode Hana-chan's Crawling Exam

Opening Clip

Doremi and Dodo glare at each other before they both claim to hate each other. They declare how they never want to see each other again and take off in the opposite direction.


After Doremi takes out her frustration on Dodo, she gets fed up over how little Doremi appreciates her and runs away! 


Aiko and Hazuki are tending to Hana-chan when they notice she's beginning to make little sounds. They ask Doremi how the milk is going and Doremi runs in to give it to Hana; but as she feeds her the lid falls off and spills milk all over her. She begins to cry and refuses to acknowledge Doremi in her attempt to make things better, causing Doremi to worry. Hazuki and Aiko assure her that things will be fine, although they make her leave the Greenhouse while they calm Hana-chan down. 

Later, the Flower Garden Maho-do is packed with customers and everyone works hard to handle it all. While Hazuki is at the cash register, Aiko hands them their items after, and Onpu helps by manipulating the boy customers with her cuteness; much to Majorika's delight. 

In hopes of making up for earlier Doremi tries to tend to Hana-chan and change her diaper. Still Hana refuses to let Doremi even touch her, and when Doremi considers using magic to help out a little, she stops upon realizing how low she is on Magic Seeds. She also recalls how they decided not to handle Hana with the aid of Magic. At this point Majorika comes to visit and Doremi begins to yell at her, since she is trying to determine what to do.

Dodo comes by to offer her own assistance, and she begins to spin with the other yousei, acting as a mobile for Hana-chan. This distracts her long enough to allow Doremi to change her with no hesitation. This pleases Doremi and she decides to go on and use Dodo to help her some more. She makes her push the baby carriage, bring a towel, along with a water bottle, diapers, hat, milk bottles, and wet paper towels. 

That evening Doremi arrives home to see that her mom isn't home yet. Pop and Keisuke explain that she will be late and if Doremi doesn't help them make dinner she wont get to eat soon. Doremi carelessly tosses down her backpack in hearing this and goes to join them; causing Dodo annoyance over the rough landing.

The following day, a worn-out Doremi comes to the Maho-dou while complaining over Pop lecturing her all night. She ends up telling off Hazuki and Aiko while Dodo does the same to Rere and Mimi outside. They are interrupted by Onpu and Roro however, who has them come out to check their Magical Plant Seeds. They see that they have all sprouted, except for Doremi's, who is suspected of not caring for it enough.

She decides to have it watered and asks Dodo to bring the watering can over to her, but Dodo does not think she can do it and she tries to tell Doremi. But after Doremi refuses to listen, she goes to retrieve it. Dodo struggles greatly to lift and carry the big can, and by the time she gets back, she incidentally drops it and spills all of the water all over the plant. This makes Majorika start to yell again and right away Doremi puts blame onto Dodo for it, but this causes Dodo to get angry and she leaves for inside. 

As Doremi tends to the plants the others try to tell her that she may have made things too hard for Dodo, but Doremi is more-or-less concerned over her drenched plant. She only has a single magic seed left, so if this sapling dies then she can't cast magic anymore. They are interrupted by Roro suddenly, who has come with a note. She hands it to Onpu, who struggles to understand it until Roro reads it for her; using some gestures.

It is explained that Dodo has run away, with Rere and Mimi in tow. They don't know where she is going though, and she didn't try to stop them since sometimes, some people need the time alone. While Onpu wishes she could lend a hand to help, she realizes that she has to leave for work, so she takes off with Dodo. With this in mind, Aiko and Hazuki plan to go out and look, but Doremi refuses to come.   

In town, Dodo reveals her brand new persona; that of a delinquent after she saw a girl like that walk by, dragging along her friend. Mimi and Rere do not approve, but because of Dodo's anger, they have no choice for the time being. 

Aiko and Hazuki search high and low for their yousei but they can't find anything. Just by a stroke of luck though, they spot the trio nearby. They almost manage to convince Dodo to return, but she becomes distraught over realizing that Doremi did not come to look for her. Them just saying she is worried is not good enough, so when their backs are turned she flees the scene.

Doremi tries to find Hana-chan, but she refuses to eat anything. She realizes how much easier this would have been, had the yousei been there to help her out. This makes her start to feel remorseful over how poorly she treated Dodo earlier.  

On a momentary break, Onpu stands by a window while watching the heavy, pouring rain outside. She is concerned even further now, but she is interrupted by a stage worker who comes to tell her that they are ready to begin work, so she takes a final glance outside before following him.

Drenched with water, Hazuki and Aiko return to inform Doremi of what happened. Majorika believes the situation is just petty, especially when they consider using magic to locate her. But Doremi just apologizes to the others and asks them to tend to Hana-chan in her absence before leaving the shop. 

She runs around the city to search for Dodo, but with no choice she takes to the sky and uses the last Magical Seed to cast a spell to find her. She sees a bright light form amongst the clouds and follows it while the rain comes to a slowing stop. She happens to spot Dodo resting on a swing in the park and lands to speak with her. They are quick to reconcile while the others watch from above, glad to see that everything will be returning to normal. 

Later on, Majorika scolds Doremi until Aiko chastises her for waking up Hana-chan. She starts to cry, so the yousei quickly get to work trying to calm her down. This makes Doremi very happy, but Majorika angrily tells her off for it, given the situation. Suddenly, Onpu runs inside and grabs the girls to bring them back outside to reveal that the sapling has begun to sprout. 

Doremi is so happy that she cheerfully begins to celebrate with Dodo as the episode ends. 


  • Let the rain stop so Dodo doesn't get wet

Major Events

  • The seed of Doremi's magic plant begins to sprout


  • Until Onpu notices the time, no watch is visible on her wrist.


  • This is episode 1 of 2 in a row that Doremi fights with someone.