Teenage Dodo

Name ドド Dodo
Theme Color Light Pink
Debut Go to the Witch World!!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Tokumitsu

Dodo is a Yousei that appears in Ojamajo Doremi. She belongs to Doremi Harukaze and was born after Doremi passed the make-up exam she was given. 



Dodo is a pale skinned fairy with big mulberry eyes and pastel pink hair worn in huge odango. Her dress is a light salmon pink.


As a baby Dodo is shown being identical to Doremi. She is very clumsy and shares her troublesome and perpetually hungry nature. But while competant at her work, she has a temper and often bickers with Doremi due to her inability to be patient with her. Like Doremi she cares for others and is willing to do what she can to help.

As the series goes on, Dodo grows to retain her clumsy streak but has improved and matured.

Light Novel Series

Initially the yousei were only brought up early on in the first novel, mentioned that they had been doing their best to take care of the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • Dodo is the only Yousei shown wearing an alternate oufit. This being based on a delinquent girl she attempted to emulate.
  • In one of the novels it was revealed that Dodo can transform into a tabby cat.