Name ドド Dodo
Theme Color Light Pink
Owner Doremi Harukaze
Debut To the Witch World!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Tokumitsu

Dodo is one of the Yousei that appears in Ojamajo Doremi. She belongs to Doremi Harukaze.


Doremi received Dodo a day or so after Aiko and Hazuki recieved Mimi and Rere when she took a makeup exam due to failing the original one. At first Dodo showed how alike Doremi she was, and how curious about everything she had been, getting into all sorts of trouble.


Dodo is a pale skinned fairy with big mulberry-pink eyes and pastel pink hair worn in huge odango shapes. Her dress is a light salmon pink.


Dodo is a lot like Doremi in more ways then one. At first she is shown to be very clumsy and troublesome, much like Doremi. She likes to show that she is helpful and generally is competent with what she does, however if pushed too hard or isn't given any thanks she can get very angry and storm off.

Light Novel Series

It is said that the fairies stayed back in the Witch World to watch over the badly behaved Hana-chan.

However, they did appear later in the novel.


  • Dodo is one of the few Yousei to appear in an alternate costume.
  • In one of the novels it was revealed that Dodo can transform into a tabby cat.


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