Name デラ Dera
Dub Name Conya
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Chihiro Sakurai
English Mollie Weaver

Dela is one of the Majo that the Ojamajo encounter a lot of the time. She is a whole-saler witch, as well as tax collector for the Maho-do. She sometimes also delivers items and news, but rarely ever for free. Compared to some of the witch Dela is nice and friendly. But she also likes to tease others and announce her arrival by song.



As said above, Dela comes off as friendly and nice to others when she generally speaks to them. She isn't kind, but she isn't mean or rude either. She is quick to become stingy or mock those who upset or try to one-up her. She also comes off as a tease, especially when dealing with Majorika.

While generally smart, she's also quick to pouting when someone manages to best her. She is seen by few to be kind of eccentric in terms of mannerisms.


Dela is a fair-pale skinned witch with small brown eyes, worn with lilac-blue eyeshadow. She has small lips worn with red lipstick. She has about stomach length brown-pink colored hair that is worn down with a minor flip along the bottom, matching the giant curl she has at her bangs. She is tall and skinny, with a little bit of curve. So her exact age is hard to determine.

Dela wears an average blue themed witch uniform with plain, dark purple gloves. She carries a small purse with her most, if not all of the time.

She once wore a disguise outfit to resemble an adult woman wearing a long shawl, glasses, bandana, and mask around her face to look ill.

As a witch

Dela uses her magic to summon items she may be giving to others or taking away.

Her magic is a purple-ish color while her crystal ball is a caramel-amber colored magatama/raindrop. She also has a pink wand like other witches, but the item on the top of hers is a yellow star.