A cameo is another word for Easter Egg. Which Is a hidden, or not so hidden object or references to a series, such a the iconic character appearing in some shape or form.

On this page, cameo's shall be listed. Please include a image but if you cannot then just add what you do have to the table below.

Image Series Description
Momoko's hair!
HeartCatch Pretty Cure

In an early episode, a girl is pulling her friend behind her. This friend has Momoko's hairstyle, minus the long hairs framing the face.

Note: The Heartcatch artist is the same one from Ojamajo Doremi. So this may have been intentional.

Guu Doremi
Hare + Guu

Guu appeares dressed as Doremi in her Dokkan witch apprentice uniform in an episode.


Kagome passes by a cosplay event and two people are talking with one another. One is dressed as Luffy and the other is Doremi.

Note: In one of the TCG cards of Doremi, she dresses up as Luffy.

D. Grayman Behind one of the characters on the wall is a poster of Doremi transforming into her sharp attire from one of her official images.


  • The most common way to find a cameo is when a anime series/character is playing a UFO catcher. Which are machines with plush dolls inside and sometimes other objects. Anime's often throw in a bunch of random anime characters inside of them.

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