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Brandi Kuzmi (born July 11, 2001), is the dorky one of the series with a sense of humor. 

She attends Misora Elementary school and sometimes people address her as Brandi-chan. Her friends are Alya Zuki, and Kiki Chang.


Brandi has a really nerdy personality around boys but around her friends shes one loud mouth. But around Aaron she trys to act cool and all but then it just turns out the wrong way.


Brandi is a fair skinned girl with long, straight black hair usually worn in a ponytail held with a purple bow and a long fringe that hands down on the side of her face. She has big, emerald green eyes worn with thin glasses.

Normally, she is seen wearing a purple vest over a white shirt, purple pleat skirt, white socks, and brown shoes. But later, during fifth grade she switched for a purple shirt with white detailing and a purple skirt.

Apprentice Information

Brandi became an apprentice witch by ______.

OD motto Brandi Kuzmi transformation-000:21

OD motto Brandi Kuzmi transformation-0


  • Transform:
  • Magic casting:
  • Magical Stage:

She has a __ crystal ball, and her yousei is ___.

Brandi's transformation in Motto is in between an athletic/sporty way and a sophisticated.elegant way. For her glove transformation, she lifts them up to fists and moves them up and down slightly, and for her boot transformation she bends down like Onpu and Momoko. She pulls off gentle hand movements when in her uniform then does a fast spin.   


She is the baby of the Kuzmi family.



"Oh no not a again.."

"We Ojamajos rule!"

"I hate Rey!"

"U-Um a sure Aaron we can hang out!"


  • She has a crush on a boy named Aaron. Who she knew since 3rd grade.
  • She is a real dork!
  • Loves purple!


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