Name Changes

Paint Edits

Original Magical Doremi
Various Buildings as the charm is shown. Some buildings are shown to be edited or removed from the shot.

Dialogue Changes

Original Magical Doremi
Pop calls Doremi and idiot afer she points out they would have a much nicer meal than Steak if Haruka won so much money. Caitlynn comments on the money itself, saying they would have enough for two cows.
Pop accuses Doremi of eating her snack, a bun. In the dub they say it was cheese whip.
Pop comments that Majorika's glass ball is hard and uncomfortable. She states that Squishy would never like those types of things.
Lala apologizes for keeping Hazuki at the Maho-do. Laralie tells Reanne to take a break.
Doremi's father tells them he slipped off of a chair. He states he fell backwards.
Hazuki mentions the advice she got from Yada. Reanne claims to have read it from a book.
As Aiko chops the wood she insults her dad. Mirabelle remains silent.
Doremi said the piano she used to play broke, while Hazuki says the violin she used to play is too small but it is special. Dorie says she would play the piano in nursery school, while Reanne mentions that she didn't enjoy it at first - but now she values it.

Skipped/Changed Scenes

Original Magical Doremi
Aiko's dad is shown driving home with a present next to him. The camera pans over to a charm dangling from a mirror.
Aiko removes her glove to see how bloody and raw her hand has become.

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