"But with these magic spheres, we can disable Majoruka's Magic Goods."

Big Change! The Ojamajo's Test
Witch Magic
Japanese Title 大逆転!? おジャ魔女の試練

Ōsagakō!? Ojamajo no Shiken

Dub Title Mirabelle's Blues
Season Season 1
Episode № 23
Air Date July 11, 1999 (JP)

March 4, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode Majoruka versus level 6 ojamajo!
Previous Episode The Road to being a level 6 Witch is Hard


Using their magic, Mota and Motamota use their magic to upgrade the Ojamajo's porons. Fusing them with their treasured childhood instruments as the ojamajo take them.


Aiko struggles with personal issues regarding her dad as the Ojamajo attempt to become level six apprentice.


Pop is drawing when Doremi gets home, just as Haruka announces that since she won the lottery they could

Dodo's cute wittle mouth~

have steak for dinner. Doremi is very happy but she immediately becomes suspicious and asks her mother if she really threw away the charm like she asked her a few days ago. Haruka claims she did, but Doremi doesn't believe her and Haruka dares her to go and look for it. So Doremi drops it for now.

It's then Pop discovers the cake she saved from earlier is gone and immediately blames Doremi for it. She runs off in search of evidence. Meanwhile, Majorika is shown eating the cake with Dodo until they hear Pop coming inside and they hurriedly hide. As expected, Pop finds the remnants and threatens to tell their Mom. Doremi, seeing the frosting smeared on the nearby drawer and yanks Majorika out of it, deciding to make ammends by claiming she found "Plush-chan" and handing her over. Pop is delighted and gratefully accepts while leaving.

Later, Hazuki is preparing to leave the bus Maho-do as Lala apologizes for keeping her there so long. Hazuki claims not to mind and asks what they have to do for now, and Lala mentions they'd stand a better chance if they can pass the next exam when Hazuki reveals that they had to use all of their Magic Spheres to help Baya. Lala tells her not to feel bad because she believes with everyone's effort they can find a way to solve the problem. Hazuki agrees and she leaves for home, stopping for a moment to ask Yada for advice.

That night at the Senoo household, Aiko is trying to play her harmonica but notices the FA note sounds strange. In this time she begins to worry when she sees how late her father is, but when she hears noise outside she finds Kouji half-asleep and picking up the garbage cans he knocked over. She asks him if he actually threw away the bad luck charm and he claims that he did, handing over a present he picked up before making his way home. She observes it and remains suspicious, stating that it's not the holiday or her birthday, but she accepts the gift to find a shiny, new golden harmonica. Confused, she asks how he got something so expensive and he mentions her old harmonica is in bad shape, so he thought it would be nice to replace it and throw out the old one.

Hearing this Aiko angrily tells him off, causing him to suddenly slap her; much to the shock of both of them. He attempts to apologize but she isn't willing to hear it, angrily packing items and leaving their home in a huff. She notices he still has the cursed charm hanging in the car and takes off.

At the Harukaze's, Keisuke has just returned home but with an injured leg that he aquired after falling off a small cliff. It isn't broken but he will need time to let it heal. Hearing this, Majorika casually points out that Doremi's father has one of Majoruka's charms on him and wonders if it's the one Haruka claimed to have got rid of. Doremi makes an attempt to toss it out but her parents refuse, saying this would be wasteful. She isn't able to argue though, when a phonecall interrupts their conversation. Hazuki has called to speak to Doremi, who informs her of what happened with Aiko. Doremi relays the information to her parents and leaves for the Fujiwara household.

Aiko Little
Aiko explains to Hazuki and Doremi what happened but they don't really understand the big deal until Aiko tells them how precious her harmonica is. It had been a special present she got before her parents divorced years back. They had been out walking when she noticed a little boy with one and watched him play. Kouji happened to notice and asked Aiko if she would like to get one. Initially she claimed not to want it, but after they went to the shop and saw her looking at them, they began to bicker over who would pay for it. Aiko claimed again not to want it; at least until they agreed to split cost to avoid arguing, which made her happy. When her mother left, her harmonica had been the only thing left to comfort her and on the night of the divorce, she caught her dad still awake and asked him to play it for her.

Seeing how upset Doremi and Hazuki are, Aiko claims it's fine as Baaya comes by to bring up that her father came to pick her up. Aiko makes a demand that he throws away the charm first, then tells Baaya to give him her angry message and how she refuses to leave until he listens. Baaya takes off as the girls recall being unable to disable bad magic in the charms without magic. Hazuki then recalls the advice Yada gave her, saying that sitting around won't get anything done, so they should think of a way to get more magic spheres. Aiko suggests they just try to get a temporary job at the magic world, but as they already got access inside once, they will need to try harder to avoid being thrown out.

It's then the girls notice their fairies, with Dodo rolling on a small sphere. The girls are suprised upon realizing it's a magic sphere Hazuki must have dropped at some point and Doremi quickly compliments her, saying that now they stand a chance to get into the witch world.

Meanwhile, Baaya has just delivered Aiko's angry message, leaving Kouji confused as Aiko takes a moment to observe this, finding it amusing as the girls fly off. Doremi uses the magic to transform them into small cockroaches, allowing them to sneak in as Hehe lectures the staff, telling them to make sure the girls don't get in. Before they flee into the door, Doremi takes a second to mock them for being so oblivious.

Arriving to Mota and Motamota's the girls ask for help, but they state that they can't simply hand over magic spheres- but they do suggest to the girls that they get part-time jobs at the Queens' castle since there's always a lot of work to be done there.

There, the Queen agrees to let the Ojamajo do some work for Magic Spheres and they are taken to a huge storage shed piled with logs. She asks them to chop up the logs, with Aiko doing the chopping as Hazuki and Doremi swap them out with the un-chopped logs. To give herself encouragement Aiko starts swinging the axe while insulting her father.

Suddenly, Aiko drops the axe as she feels a jolt of pain in her hands. She removes her gloves to find how bloody her hands have become and Doremi offers to switch with her so that she can take a break. She agrees and soon Hazuki takes over, and eventually the girls manage to chop every log within the area. But for all of their efforts they each only recieve one, single magic sphere. But Mota and Motamota reveal they only needed just the one sphere anyway and they congratulate them for passing their exam.

At first, the girls don't understand, but they go on to reveal that this was their exam; they had to find a way to come up with an alternate way to obtain more magic spheres after running out. They then ask the girls to find
their most precious instruments and bring them to them, with the girls expressing confusion as they take off. 

They return later with the items as requested; Aiko with her childhood harmonica, Doremi with her toy piano, and Hazuki with her very first violin, and they watch as the two witch combine them with their poron to summon brand new, upgraded poron and magic spheres. However, Doremi notices that hers has less than Aiko and Hazuki's until the duo explain that the magic spheres obtained depends on the care and dedication to the instrument. Doremi admits that she put her old toy piano in her closet after being unable to play it, but she could care-less about such a minor detail, she's just happy they can finally take the maho-do back.

Major Events

  • The girls pass their exam and level 6 witch apprentice.
  • The ojamajo gain their poron upgrades and a brand new type of Magic Sphere. 

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • When Lala tells Hazuki not to feel down, the upper part of her left shoulder is the same color as the shading used in her hair.
  • In the previous episode, Aiko was shown crushing the bad charm her dad had. It was established to be the very same charm from before, but it shows no signs of being repaired or broken. 
  • In the flashback when Aiko sits with her father to listen to him play her harmonica, her right eye's white part is light blue.


  • In this episode, it is revealed that the amount of magic spheres a level six gains after their poron's upgrade depends on how cherished and well-tended the instrument was. Due to Hazuki and Aiko's being loved and treated well by the girls, they gained a lot more than Doremi's discarded toy.
  • Another hidden part of baby fairies is revealed, this being the mouth. Dodo is shown with one when she eats cake with Majorika.