Bad Card

Bad Cards are evil spirits that take the form of "cards" shaped like skulls with wings. Whenever they possess an item, it is transformed into a bad luck Charm and causes pain and suffering to those who own or touch it. There is suspected to be a total of two-hundred eighteen/218.

The bad luck cards were released into the human world after Oyajide attempted to steal the case locked deep inside the witch world. At first he seemed to be fine until a freak bout of dumb luck accidentally caused him to release them instead. As punishment, he was transformed into a yellow creature and locked in the Pureleine Computer until all of them could be found and put back.

Possessed Items

Item Picture Episode Effects
Maneki-Neko CursedManekiNeko We are the pureleine
Cupid Charm CursedCupidCharm Love is a Windy Ride over a Plateau
Line Marker CursedLineMarker Panic at the Sports Festival
Shogi Piece CursedShogiPiece Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory!
Candy Doll CursedCandyDoll I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!
Onpu CD CursedOnpuCD Onpu's Mail is a Love Letter?
School Bell CursedSchoolBell So Long, Oyajiide

Other Languages

Italian: Obscure Figure

English: Groblings



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