The Baby Health Manual is an item the Ojamajo receive during Season 2 after they are given the title of being Hana-chan's Mothers. It is used during the baby exams to mark Hana-chan's upgrades throughout the season after each exam she passes. 



The book is binded with a pale pink cover. The front is mostly covered with a tan section adorned with a fuchsia flower in each corner and a small gold piece every few inches on the bordering. On top of this section is a golden design resembling the top of the apprentice wand; while beneath it is a fuchsia bow surrounded by a single blue flower with pink center, and a pink flower with blue center on each side. On the bottom is a window with Hana-chan's head inside. 


The inside of the book is solid white, with each page resembling the last. On top is a window with pink designs and a white bar with black musical notes, where MajoHeart puts her stamp whenever someone passes the exams. On bottom is a pale blue box with four lines and pink ribbon bordering the side. As a border for the page, there are two pale yellow sars on top and two pale green crescent moons with a little star on the bottom.


Whenever an exam is passed, MajoHeart uses her special-made stamp to mark the page. After this happens and the book is shut, the window on the front cover will change color to reflect on the upgrade. 

List of Advances

  • Dark Fuchsia - the starting color for the book. 
  • Orange - the baby has passed the exam for being proper weight, showing the ability to fly, being fed in time, and sleeping peacefully. 
  • Unknown Color - Passing the exam involving answering questions, bathing the baby and dressing them within the time limit, and take a walk with the babies. 
  • Dark Purple - Passing the baby crawling course exam.