Name ババ Baba
Gender Female
Theme Color Crimson
Debut Doremi's Surprise! A New Ojamajo
Voice Actors
Japanese Romi Park

Baba is a fairy who belongs to Majotourbillon. She is regarded as a legend among other fairies.



Baba has fair skin with mauve colored eyes and straightened, thigh-length hair. Her forelocks end at her chest, and she has a few loose strands on her forehead. She wears a pink hat with mauve tassels and a white rim. Her attire is composed of a red blouse with strings at the middle to reveal lavender fabric and lining of pale pink. A pink gem rests on the fabric around her shoulders. She wears shiny pink pants.

As a cat, Baba is magenta with pale pink belly, muzzle, and inner-ear. She has straightened whiskers and lashes, and wears her gem on a collar.


In comparison to the playful and lively Lala and Hehe, Baba is a tempermental and irritated fairy with a lazy streak. She is easily provoked, but she can be easy to please. Although she attempts to portray a cool-minded personality, at times she is just as likely to be swept up in things. 


Baba first appeared in Dokkan! when Hana accidentally freed her from a locked chest.


  • She is the oldest known fairy in the series.
  • She and Majovanilla know each other.