Atsuko Okamura (Senoo by marriage) is the mother of Aiko Senoo. Ex-wife to Kouji Senoo. A nurse working at a retirement home. She had divorced with Kouji while Aiko was little and seemed very hurt when Aiko distrusted her and decided to stay with her father.

However, Aiko still visits her over the course of the series and she has many mentions despite not appearing in many episodes.

At the end of the series she gets back together with Kouji.


As she wasn't shown too much during the series (one or two episodes per-season.) Not much is known about Atsuko. She is strong willed and determined, as shown by her working harder after her mothers death. But because of this she had a miscarriage. Something Kouji did not like in the least.

She really values the time Aiko spends with her and as such, gets very upset if she somehow misses her. Much like in the first season when Aiko was late for her visit. She thought becaue of this Aiko hadn't forgiven her yet.

At the end of Dokkan its revealed her and Kouji had gotten back together and the family moved back to Osaka. During the divorce she lived there with her father and brother.


Atsuko is a thin adult woman who looks to be in her early thirties, possibly still in her late twenties. She wears a simpel light blue, lilac button up top and a beige, brown colored skirt. She also wears plain black heels. When meeting with Aiko she is usually seen with a green colored jacket like outfit.

Her hair is considered to be a off brown color, slight blue tinted color and is very short. Framing her face with a small curl like bang. Fans tend to think this is why Aiko has her "split curls" and often make guesses of how Atsuko's hair may have looked as a little girl. Her eyes are off blue in color, seemingly brown or gray.


Aiko - Part of the reason they split up was because of Aiko. After Aiko was hospitalized from a fall due to playing by herself they got into a big arguement. Aiko shows to have no harsh feelings towards her mother. Though due to the arguements she heard, she distrusted her as a child.

Kouji Senoo - Her husband until the divorce. They seem to miss each other and at the end of the series got re-married. But up until the final season, they didn't really make contact with each other as Aiko was sneaking around his back to visit her.

Souichi Okamura - Her father blamed her for her mothers death and hit her with his cane when she went to visit her grave. Because of this Aiko feared her grandfather. Because she feels responsible Atsuko tries to make it up to him by working at the retirement home he resides at. During the end of Dokkan he seems to not be angry with her.

Her brother - Aiko's uncle, he is older then Atsuki and lives in Osaka. He is never usually mentioned or explained.

Ojamajo Doremi 16

Its been said that she chose to get a job at the newly opened retirement home in Misora, allowing Aiko to come back. Her and Kouji had worked out their differences and remarried (presumably as implied at the end of Dokkan).

Her father had passed away after two years of living together, but she had reconciled with him before then.


  • The only divorced parent of the main characters
  • Besides Momoko's mom she is the second least shown.
  • Her hair color and eyes are often hard to determine. It looks brown, but in other times looks beige-purple ish.
  • While Doremi's mother was suicidal, and Hazuki's had depression, Atsuko had been abused. Onpu's mother was a famous girl who had been in an accident that shocked her severely, causing retirement.
  • As she had a miscarriage, its possible had this not have happened, Aiko would have had a younger sister/brother.
  • According to Episode 34 of the English dub, Atsuko's name in the 4kids dub is Miriam.