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An Apprentice Witch/Witch Apprentice (Witchling in the dub) is a human girl or young witch studying to become a strong and powerful witch.  

In most cases, an Apprentice is not a full-blooded witch and is almost exclusively used to describe human girls.

An apprentice has very weak magic compared to witches and will need the use of Pollon to cast magic until strong enough to just use her Crystal Ball. She can also return her mentor back to normal upon gaining strong enough magic if this is needed.

Unlike a Witch, who can cast magic whenever she pleases, an Apprentice can only cast magic if she is dressed in her attire and has the Magic Spheres for it.

An Apprentice Witch can also be refered to as an Ojamajo. According to Majorika, this means "a person who finds happiness dressing like a witch apprentice for no reason and is worth less then a witch apprentice that's also a nuisance!"



The girls earning an upgrade for Completing their Exam

For young Witch and Apprentice alike, they must improve their magic through special Exams. When she passes an exam she will gain stronger magic, a fairy, more abilities, and in some cases even a wand upgrade.

In total there are nine exams, but they can only be taken at evening until she reaches her last; in which it takes place during the day and must be completed before sunset. 

Any apprentice or witch strong enough can be offered to skip an exam and just receive the upgrade, and upon completing Level 6, the apprentice will gain her Apprentice Certificate (Certiwand in the dub). This is used to collect Sphere's of Achievement (Certisphere in the dub) and the apprentice will start to collect them for each good deed she does or whenever she passes an exam. The apprentice must gain eight before she can gain full access to her Witch title. After this, she will gain her Crystal Ball (Orball in dub), but only if the Queen believes she is ready.

Exams Order:

  • Level 9 (The Fairy Test): Mota and Motamota will request a item, usually an unusual food combination or making a specific food shaped like something else. For completing this test the witch apprentice recieves a Yousei.
  • Level 8 (The Team Test): with a time limit the witch apprentice, partnered with other apprentices, must take their flag and place it at the right location. Before starting they are required to answer a questionaire about their least favorite thing. Said object or thing will appear before them to cause problems that they must resolve.
  • Level 7 (The Flora Test): The apprentice must complete tasks in order to find or recieve colored rings. The map she recieves will vanish when the time limit is up, for completing this exam the Apprentice can communicate with plants. (In the English dub, this test's conditions were never explained in detail. The same reward is given, much like in the original version.)
  • Level 6 (The Wandawhirl Test): In a state of an emergency, the witch apprentice has to acquire magic spheres after she runs out of them. After passing, her pollon will upgrade by combining it with her personal music instrument.
  • Level 5 (The Whatcha Want Test): The witch must sculpt something out of clay, but is only given vague hints as to what she must make. After a witch apprentice creates the right item she gains a Sphere of Achievement. Pop's test involved correctly guessing the identities of the witch frogs.
  • Level 4 (The Obstacle Test): The witch races in a obstacle course against a tortoise and a hare. The apprentic is accompanied by her fairy and is available for assistance throughout the race. The first obstacle is a large, vertical wall. Halfway through the course, she is tied to her fairy (in its clone form) in a three legged race. The final obstacle contains a dream portion that is required of the witch apprentice to obtain a rare butterfly. Once a witch apprentice and her fairy crosses the finish line, the apprentice passes the test. She then gets another Sphere of Achievement and closing ceremony.
  • Level 3 (The 3-Door Test): The witch apprentice must enter three different realms and areas through three different doors. Within these rooms, the witch apprentice must get from the door she entered from to the door that leads to the next area. After an apprentice passes through the third and final area, she passes. However, there are a number of conditions: The witch must complete her test within an hour, and she can only use her magic up to two times. For passing this exam, she gains another Sphere of Achievement.
  • Level 2: The rules had been switched for this one. Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko had to perform in a talent show and entertain the crowd. If they passed, they would also gain a wish. Doremi used her wish to skip a level and be caught up with Hazuki and Aiko. But when someone else did this exam, they had to figure out the source of a problem and solve it. Earning them another Sphere of Achievement.
  • Level 1 (The Final Test): The witch must help someone with magic and earn a thank you in return. If she completes it, and has collected eight Spheres of Achievements, she will gain her crystal ball. The witch apprentice, from the approval of the witch queen, will now be certified as a full-fledged witch.

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