Anrima Kenichi
Name 健一有馬 Kenichi Anrima
Gender Male
Debut Marriage Promise ~Childhood Friend's Secret~
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomo Saeki

Anrima is a one-time character in the Ojamajo Doremi series. He appeared in Naisho where he attempts to win Aiko's feelings.



Anrina has redish-brown spiky hair, bushy eyebrows and brown eyes.

His everyday outfit consists of a yellow shirt with black stripes, a darker yellow long sleeved shirt, cream colored pants and red sneakers. When he was younger he also wore a yellow shirt, but his pants were dark blue instead of cream.


He is quite energetic and determined. Anrima also gets embarrassed easily.


After attempting to defend Aiko from some bullies he promises her that they will get married when they grow up.


"I've come to take ya home, Aiko!"


  • He moved to Hokkaido when he and Aiko were in the first grade, ever since then he was trying to find her.


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