Alexander T. Oyajide
Name アレクサンドル・T・オヤジーデ Arekusandoru Tagosaku Oyajīde
Dub Name Feredagio the Great


Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Ginzō Matsuo

Nobuaki Kanemitsu

Alexander T. Oyajide is a Wizard.


Oyajide is a famous thief from the Wizard World. For his actions, he was trapped inside a notebook PC and forced to help the Ojamajos track down Bad Cards. He is later freed after fulfilling his duty, but soon attempts to kidnap Hana to use her power for the Wizard World. Afterwards, he is forced to work part-time at the Witch World's kindergarten as punishment for his actions. He has two main forms, one being a suave human form, the other being a small onion-like creature. He has a huge crush on Onpu and is the seventh member of her fan club.


Oyajide is a tall adult man with tanned skin and violet, long, curled hair. He has small red colored eyes worn with a monocle.  He wears a moustache. He wears a black wizard uniform with a white-gold belt. He also wears a cape, which is on the one side red, on the other side black. The shoes are black and sharp. He has white gloves on. Around his neck is a heart-shaped necklace. He always takes his walking stick with him, which is gold-grey.


He is very self-centered and narcissistic. When it comes to the crunch, he makes the right decisions.

Other Voice Actors and Names

  • Germany: Alexander von Roséo, voiced by Florian Halm
  • Korea: Dongguri Ajeossi, voiced by In-Seong Lee
  • France: Alexandre Jaune d'oeuf, voiced by Lionel Melet
  • Mexico/ Latam: Alexander T. Oyajide voiced by Enrique Mederos (first two seasons).


  • In Ojamajo Doremi 16, he is still a huge fan of Onpu and searches for her.
  • Oyajide's original voice actor; Ginzō Matsuo, died on August 25th, 2001. As the series was still airing at the time, his role was taken over by a new actor; Nobuaki Kanemitsu.