Akira Fujiwara
Name 藤原明 Fujiwara Akira
Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenji Nomura

Akira Fujiwara is the husband of Reiko and the father of Hazuki. A famous film director who met Reiko when he asked her to film his newest drama at her house.

Not much is known of him however as he is often at work or away from home. The filming takes a few days at a time usually. But he will rush home the moment Hazuki may be ill or in trouble. As shown in the second episode where he thought she had gotten sick.



Not much is known about Akira. As he is often away on business, being a director and all, he stays away from home until finished. Usually due to budget restrictions, or how long they have the place for. He isn't too happy if something comes up, causing his filming to slow down but its understandable.

But otherwise, Akira is a relaxed adult who is very nice and supportive of Reiko and Hazuki. He can be a little clumsy as well but not too much.


Akira wears a gray, purple, and green, multi-colored shirt underneath a opened, light pink jacket with three pockets. Plain blue jeans and brown slip on shoes with a slight heel on them.

He has a very thin mustache, and matching brown hair and eyes. His hair is rather thick in appearance, and very ruffled/messy in appearance.

Akira wore a typical males, black themed kimono outfit during the new years, along with very dull/pale gray socks and black sandals.

During the ojamajo's graduation, Akira wore a dark blue-black suit with dark pink undershirt and a pale pink tie.


Hazuki - He cares about Hazuki deeply. No matter where he is, he will rush home if she's ill or in trouble. He also listens to her, when the ojamajo tried to give him new items so he would stop using the cursed directo tools, he wouldn't until Hazuki convinced him.

Reiko - As stated, he met her after her first crush used her. They're not often shown together, but the two love each other dearly. He often comforts her when she's upset. At first, Reiko's dad didn't want him marrying Reiko; but her mother was for their marriage once she saw how much he loved her.

Baya - Not much interaction is shown between them.


  • Akira is the only father with facial hair.
  • The first, of three fathers not shown a lot. The other two being Onpu's, and Momoko's.


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