Across Time, In Search of Onpu's Moms Secret!
Kurara Miho OP
Japanese Title 時間を超えて、おんぷママの秘密を探せ!

Jikan wo Koete, Onpu Haha no Himitsu Sagase!

Season Sharp
Episode № 8 (59)
Air Date March 26, 2000
Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode The Search for the Herbs! Maho-dou's Bus Trip
Previous Episode Hana-chan's Health Examination

Opening Clip

A young girl is shown singing while a golden record spins around. She continues to sing as fans cheer for her, but suddenly the record stops spinning and all of her pictures begin to spin around.


Onpu and the other girls travel back in time after she gets into a fight with her mother; who will not allow her to perform in a location that holds painful memories for her. 


The girls take a bunch of potted plants outside to be watered by HazukiDoremi comments on how hard it is to raise plants since they are so sensitive, and Onpu goes on to bring up how Hana-chan may be doing, so Doremi uses her brand new phone to call Pop; who has another phone where she is. She informs Doremi that she is fine, but Majorika scolds Doremi and Pop right after for being so careless with the new device. She warns them that it uses Magical Seeds so it shouldn't be used for the simple and easy tasks they can do themselves.

A while later Onpu and her mother are in the middle of a meeting with someone. The man offers Onpu a chance to take part in a special concert being held at the Takonomon Hall. Onpu is very excited for this, but her mother suddenly becomes rather quiet and concerned. The man goes on to say that he will give them a call within a few days, so Onpu and her mother take their leave. 

While heading home, Onpu continues to excitedly discuss her new performance until Miho interupts to tell her that she doesn't think Onpu should do this; especially when School will be resuming soon and this would be a big job for her. Onpu isn't worried though and points out that nothing is even changing for the school year, but Miho counters by mentioning that she has a lot of other work to do anyway. This frustrates Onpu and she claims that even if she does have a lot of work, this might be her one, only chance to perform there and she would do her best. But Miho claims once more that Onpu probably can't do it, so she would rather she just quit now. 

Upset, Onpu demands that their driver stops. She tells her mother that she hates her, then runs off through town. By the time she reaches the Maho-do she spends the next few hours venting her feelings until she calms down later on. However, this has made her very depressed and she sits in silence while watching over Hana-chan. But when Hana begins to cry she snaps out of it and tends to her for a while. 

Later on, Onpu gets home to find Miho overlooking some old items. She tries to get Onpu to speak to her, but she has none of it and ignores her while making her way up to her bedroom. Such behavior proves difficult though, and she struggles to get any decent sleep.

The next day at the Maho-do, Onpu is unable to focus on work and accidentally breaks one of the plants. The others realize that something is wrong, so they start to ask her about it. Onpu does not really wish to speak, but she decides to a while later and has them all get together; shocking them when she reveals that she got into a big arguement with her mom, despite their good relationship. She points out that she is sure that the issue stems from when her mother used to be an idol, so they decide to transform and use Magical Stage in hopes of getting an answer. 

However, to their surprise they are taken to a strange location, while Pop, Majorika, Lala, and Hana-chan are not with them. They fill their wands with new Magic Seeds and change back to normal before they go out to explore where they can possibly be; but they are unable to figure it out or recognize anything, so they try to call Majorika. They are unable to work the phone though since it wont accept their calling card, so they ask a passing man and he informs them that it needs money. 

They put money into the phone and call Majorika, but the witch does not know them and she yells at Doremi for calling her before hanging up. Hazuki then happens to spot a sign and informs the girls that they are infact in Misora, and Aiko is able to realize that at the very spot they stand is where the General Store is since they often sit on the nearby steps to eat snacks from there. They even find the Post Office and are surprised to see that it lacks the automated doors they use. Doremi then happens to spot a man with a super old newspaper and he informs them that the year is really 1980, it isn't old or fake. 

They sit on the steps to try to figure out what to do now when Doremi points out how much sense it makes that Majorika did not know her. There must be clues about Onpu's mother there, so they decide with nothing else to lose to just investigate the city. They walk around and find more places they recognize, including the Maho-do. Doremi even happens to find the spot that her home would later be built in. 

The girls consider visiting the Maho-do, but they decide that if they do anything too weird it may affect the future, so they skip it. Hazuki then happens to spot a young version of her mother walk by, but the others tell her that she can't do anything other then watch her. This disappoints Hazuki, though her mood soon changes as they comment on how Baaya seems to be the same as usual. They continue on and happen to find a Music Store, and inside they see a picture of Miho on a poster for a special idoling event taking place at Takonomon Hall; the same place Onpu was requested to perform at. So the girls transform and fly over, just in time to see Miho preparing to perform. 

She begins to walk up the steps, but suddenly one of her feet hit it the wrong way; causing her to trip. The girls quickly panic and hold Onpu back, worried that if she interfers something bad might happen. They remind her that she is also safe and fine currently, so Onpu sadly lets up as they watch people surround Miho on the ground. The magic suddenly begins to fade and the girls are thrown back into their current time while they see things related to Onpu's mother; such as a fractured leg, how the shock from the fall affected her, and her attempt to get back into idoling and giving up. 

When the girls return they sit down to explain what happened to Majorika. Hazuki points out that Onpu's mother probably thought back to that accident when she heard Onpu would be performing at this hall, so she is probably just worried that Onpu may end up the same way. While Onpu takes this into considersation, she can't figure out why her mother just wouldn't tell her this. 

She stays behind to watch over Hana-chan when it begins to get late again, and continues to think about the incident until she heads home. She goes straight to bed, but starts to dream of it again; this time being the only one there watching her mother. She tries to call to her so that she doesn't get hurt, but when this doesn't work she uses her magic to save her just as her foot hits the step. 

Miho appears on the very top of the steps and is able to perform for everyone; which allows both Onpu and her mother to rest and dream peacefully. Later when Onpu wakes up from the dream she goes to pay her mother a visit, and as she goes to leave after a few minutes, her mother tells Onpu to do her best for the performance, which makes Onpu very happy. She then goes on to ask if they can share the bed and together they fall asleep. 

Eventually the performance comes along; where the girls have come to support Onpu. They reveal the special banner they made for her, while Miho awaits for Onpu to finish preparing in another room. A woman and her daughter happen to come by to Onpu a present, but the woman is surprised to see Miho and calls her out as the idol she used to be: Kurara Sakurai. This surprises Miho and the woman goes on to admit how she was sad when Miho retired, but she will be giving Onpu as much support as she used to give her. 

As the ojamajo cheer for Onpu, Onpu begins to sing for everyone and the episode ends. 


  • Please tell us Onpu's mother's secret
  • Save my mother

Major Events

  • It is discovered that Miho Segawa was an idol when she was little. 
  • Onpu is given a chance to perform in the famous Takonomon Hall, then later performs there. 


  • When the producer talks about Takanomon Hall, the little folds at the center of Onpu's dress are wrongly colored.
  • When Miho's images are first shown on the table they have green backgrounds, but when Onpu gets home they are shown in various colors.
  • When Onpu notices she is missing a Magic Seed, her gloves is dark pink. 
  • As Onpu is held back by the others and she is shown up close, the collar of her apprentice costume is dark pink colored.