Opening clip

At the soccer game in mid-play, Misaki is cheering for his older brother, Daichi. He scores a goal and everyone begins to cheer.


Misaki sells his most beloved item when his brother Daichi seems to be in a sports related rut. But when Doremi sees the mess this causes she goes out to try to set things right. 


The ojamajo are hard at work at the Maho-do while trying to figure out why lately they haven't had too many
customers. Aiko mentions they cant help it since there's a recession going on now.

Suddenly they get a customer and go to greet them only to see a little boy, Misaki, standing there. He hands the ojamajo a flier they had handed out a few days back and ask them if what they say on it is true. Doremi tries to explain that its a fifty/fifty thing but she goes ignored as the boy locates a cute little charm he purchases. But instead of money he tries to trade the charm with his old, worn out shirt.

As the girls try to show her this, Majorika is very upset and yells at them but they explain how Misaki just took it off and ran before they could give it back. With nothing else to lose she points out that it may be worth a magic Sphere or two when suddenly Dela arrives. To find out how much the shirt is worth, she brings out a magic scale to weigh the value, and everyone is shocked to find out its actually worth twenty magic spheres.

The girls hand it over and observe the spheres she offers, wondering why it could be worth so much. She explains that the more attachment to said object, the more its worth. So now its up to the girls to decide if they want to sell it or keep it and find out what Misaki's problem is. Majorika is all for selling it but the girls angrily refuse the offer.

Doremi knows
While they overlook the shirt, they try to figure out what the attachment is to it when suddenly Dodo notices something on the tag: someone's name beneath one that was crossed out. Doremi realizes what this is as a girl with her own sibling, and she explains how older siblings pass down their clothing to the younger ones. A lot of families with a budget resort to this as well.

At Soccer practice, Misaki's brother seems to still be having trouble. He approaches his brother who instantly notices the missing shirt but after he says its nothing he makes his brother accept the Panda charm he bought, saying with this he will definitely score a goal.

At the Harukaze house, Doremi eavesdrop on Pop and her friends. Misaki explains how he sold his shirt in order to help his brother, but Pop wonders if this was a smart deal since it was so special to him. Doremi listens and learns his brother plays soccer at their school and figures out that this is why Misaki wanted the charm. After the others begin to tease Misaki, he takes off.

Later the Ojamajo watch how terrible his brother just happens to be and they aren't very surprised
, but Doremi cant figure out what to do. Misaki really wants his brother to be in the game and at this rate there is no way that's going to happen. Knowing they technically lied to a child causes her to feel bad.

It's then Misaki arrives, and the girls watch as the two brothers get into a big fight. Doremi is very angry with Misaki's older brother and she decides to set things straight. But in the process of trying to help improve things, they attempt to help the soccer team but this causes several problems; including at one point the team being chased by a group of angry dogs. However, to everyone's surprise Misak's brother appears to be improving.

The next day in school Doremi is busy thinking about Igarashi once more, much to the annoyance of Hazuki and Aiko. As they wait for the match to begin the girls panic upon realizing Misaki's brother is playing and they try to find Misaki, as they don't see him. She change into witch form to make their search quicker and
Pendent lie
Doremi manages to spot him, forgetting to change back in the process. She quickly claims she is a Genie of the Pendant he bought, explaining that his brother will be playing in the game so he should hurry up and get there before its too late.

Taking Misaki to the game, he arrives just in time to see his brother score the game winning goal. The two brothers reconcile with each other and share a hug as Doremi and the girls return, back to normal, with the shirt. She tells him to keep it, along with the charm, and they take off, allowing the brothers to play together in peace.

Major Events

  • Characters introduced: Misaki Shibayama, Daichi Shibayama
  • It is explained that the witch world will purchase goods from outside of the witch world for Magic Spheres. The price is determined by how much attachment the owner had on it. 


  • Doremi: There are no customers coming in...
  • Aiko: Can't help it since there's a recession.
  • Hazuki: Yeah, I hate recessions.
  • Doremi: Yeah, me too...
  • Hazuki: Doremi-chan, do you know what a recession means?
  • Doremi: Of course I do. It means that there are no cakes at all right?

  • Doremi: Basically we wish for them to come true but we can't really guarantee that they will, so... it's kinda hard to understand...

  • Dela: It's like a premium on certain things. In the Witch's World regular items or money doesn't matter. The stronger the owner's attachment to it the higher its worth.


  • Despite the fact she was playing with orange clay, Hazuki's face is covered in what looks to be light brown.
  • Doremi....
    As the ojamajo look at the flier, one of Hazuki's eyes appears to be thicker then the other one. 
  • In the scene where Doremi is busy watching Igarashi, note the lack of dark coloring on the skirt.

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • Igarashi-Senpai makes his second appearance, and Doremi is shown still harboring feelings for him.
  • Doremi makes her first good charm. However, this time it was mistaken for something else.