"To appear in that body in front of her rival, Majoruka... it must have been very difficult for her."

A Rival Appears! The Maho-do's Big Pinch!
Japanese Title ライバル登場! MΑHO堂大ピ〜ンチ!!

Raibaru Tōjō! Mahōdō Dai Pīnchi!!

Dub Title Get On The Bus
Season Season 1
Episode No. 20
Air Date June 20, 1999 (JP)

February 18, 2006 (US)

Next Episode Majoruka's Goods are full of danger!
Previous Episode Hazuki-chan is kidnapped!

Opening Clip

One dark evening someone is over-looking the Maho-do while stating that she plans to make Majorika suffer. Then someone mentions being very excited by whats to come as they both begin to watch down at the Maho-do in the moonlight...


One of Majorika's old rivals has resurfaced to come and steal the Maho-do away!


One night at the Maho-do, Majorika realizes what time it is and she tries to run for the hills when Dela appears.
She has come to collect the money for the magic spheres Majorika bought earlier on, but since Majorika doesn't have the money she asks for more time while offering Dela some tea and cake. She also changes the subject by asking her if she brought anything interesting to show them.

At first Dela doesn't think so, but she decides that they can play a card game and offers to make a deal with Majorika. She states that if Majorika loses she wants double the pay, but if she wins then Majorika will not need to pay at all. Of course, Majorika is quick to accept this despite Lala's initial concerns.

She wins the first round, but when Dela asks for another game, Majorika accepts. She wins the next ten games, then loses the ten following it and demands a final game. Dela has to leave and Lala thinks Majorika should just quit while she's lost this much, but Majorika's pride gets the better of her and she manages to get Dela to agree to one final game. She is told that if she loses and with nothing left to offer, she has to give over Ownership of the Maho-do. At first it sounds risky, until Dela promises a year worth of magic spheres for FREE, should Majorika win. Due to her greed she is unable to pass up the offer, no matter how many times Lala begs her to quit.

The following morning, Aiko, Doremi, and Hazuki meet up in front of the Maho-do. But before they can enter Dela stops them to inform them that the shop is no longer theirs since Majorika gave up ownership. The ojamajo angrily ask Majorika why she did this, and they also ask if this means they're no longer apprentices anymore. Doremi suggests that they just bet Dela again for the shop, but someone has showed up to take it. This makes Majorika panic and she attempts to hide, but the mysterious woman, Majoruka asks her why she's a Witch frog. She goes on to claim ownership of the shop and the Ojamajo, Lala, Majorika, and their fairies are forced to flee.

At the nearby playground they ask Majorika more about Majoruka and her comments regarding the "next queen". Lala explains that growing up, she and Majoruka were in the same class in school and had become personal rivals. They often caused problems for each other by tampering with her magic items or brooms. Back in the witch world, everyone pays attention to whoever runs and owns the Maho-do and it's a tradition that the owner of it will become the next Witch Queen. The lottery had been run to see who would take ownership of it and Majorika happened to win. But for the time being, she and Majorika will have to return to the Witch World since they don't have anywhere else to live. It's then Majorika points out that as Doremi's magic teacher, being mostly in debt because of her and also a witch frog, she and Lala should be able to live with Doremi.

Meanwhile, back at the maho-do, Majoruka and Hehe discuss how boring and old-fashioned the shop is. She notices a stray mouse/rat and bat and transforms them to look like humans so that she can use them as workers in her shop. Hehe is impressed, but they still need to remodel the shop before they do anything.

Doremi has gone home with Majorika and Lala. She checks to make sure the cost is clear but right before she can get into her room, Pop comes out of her room to inform her that their mother wanted her to clean her room. Doremi goes in her bedroom and dumps the contents out of one of her drawers for Majorika to stay in, but she refuses since it's too small. However, Doremi ends up shoving her inside the drawer as her mom comes into the room to check on her. Doremi claims she accidentally hurt her hand when she was closing the drawer when Haruka notices the mess behind her and questions Doremi as to whether she's actually cleaning up or not.

Before leaving, Haruka mentions that she got some steamed buns for everyone to eat together so when Doremi is done, she can come down to eat. Majorika is quick to test Doremi's nerves soon after.

The following day, Doremi asks Aiko and Hazuki if one of them can take Majorika, but they both refuse.

At school, they quietly discuss amongst themselves how they could possibly deal with this situation when they're interrupted by Tamaki who shows off her new bracelet to them before explaining where she got it. She then assumes they got fired before commenting on how wonderful the new employees are. Before going into the classroom, Tamaki makes sure to say how much better they are than Doremi and co.

After school, the ojamajo head straight over to the "original" Maho-do. The ojamajo sneak into the backyard to transform before they cast magic to transform them into boys. Going inside, they discreetly check out the new shop to see a bunch of older customers inside. They think it's a lot more stylish but they do not like how different their shop is! The new workers greet them but the they refuse the help, but Majoruka is suspicious and asks them if they're looking for something specific. The ojamajo do not like how dark all the items look, but Doremi accidentally implies herself to be a girl while in her boy's disguise and Majoruka happens to find the very item Doremi described, oddly enough. However, nobody seems to make the connection, other then Majoruka thinking Doremi is a very strange boy.

The ojamajo go and get ice cream before they talk about what happened at the park. They have a lot of customers, but Aiko claims it's just curiosity since the shops been renovated. It's then revealed in fact that the charm Doremi bought was to make her the most unlucky person in the world after she keeps having mild-incidents. Hehe then flies away, explaining that she saw what they did and told Majoruka before she flies away. 

Back at the Harukaze household, Doremi yells at Majorika and blames her for this entire mess but Majorika didn't even hear her. She got drunk and passed out...

Later that evening, Lala wakes Doremi up to inform her that Majorika has gone missing. Lala is sure she knows where Majorika is and she takes Doremi to the location. They find her in front of the "Original" Maho-do, simply staring at it. Lala reveals to Doremi that Majorika loved the shop, and she really wanted to get her original body back, showing up as a witch frog in front of Majoruka really humiliated her. Doremi begins to feel badly but she has no idea how they could fix this problem and she and Lala leave to give Majorika her space.

The following day at school, the Ojamajo see almost everyone (mostly girls) wearing items from the Original Maho-do. As they enter class they find the SOS trio, also wearing those charms. They seem to actually be kind of funny but nobody seems very amused, especially when Aiko and Doremi go to beat them up! Yada tells Hazuki not to bother with it since everyone will get over it soon enough. It's suddenly Doremi gets an idea and she takes Hazuki and Aiko back to the bus she and Lala were hiding by the previous evening. Doremi thinks they can easily clean it up and use it for a shop, as they did with the Maho-do.

That night, a drunken Majorika comments on how lately Doremi hasn't been around so much. But she simply passes out while Lala places a cloth/blanket over her.

The next day the Ojamajo resume working on the bus. Painting it, placing nice items, taking out old and messy items to put in nicer ones and make more room inside. Then they take whatever clay they have and resume work on making charms and items until finally night time rolls around. Majorika is outside the Original Maho-Do once again but as she turns to leave, she notices the Ojamajo standing in front of the now tidied up bus and demands to know where Doremi has been lately. As the clouds move from the moonlight the ojamajo reveal to Majorika what they have been working on for the past few days, then they take her inside to show her all of their hard work. Majorika doesn't say it, but they can tell she is very happy.

The following day they bring Lala back to the sight so that they can show her the new, temporary Maho-do. Majorika goes inside and points out that this used to be a bus, so using her magic she fixes the wheels and then uses a doll dressed up in drivers attire and brings him to life so that they can travel around town selling their items. They drive into town and the ojamajo quickly get to work showing curious town people the brand new flyers they made as the episode draws to an end...


  • Transform us into boys (said 3 times)

Major Events

  • Majorika loses the contract she owned for the Maho-do. 
  • Majoruka gains the contract and becomes the owner of the Maho-do.
  • The ojamajo temporary gain a new spot to work at.
  • The maho-do is renamed The Original Maho-do

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • The Ojamajo aren't shown with their Yousei's glass balls on their backpacks as usual throughout all the scenes with their backpacks. It's possible all of the yousei are with Majorika though.
  • During the montage shot when Mimi shows Aiko the object she made, a blue star is seen. But Doremi was the one who had the star shaped clay shaping tool.
  • As Doremi's bracelet is shown it has pink-red beads. When she falls off of the swing they're gold colored.


  • As students are shown in the school wearing items from the new Maho-do, a few girls are shown wearing Tamaki's dress.
  • This episode marks the first arc of the season and series. 


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